Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Her Post- Morning Routine and Second thoughts

        He does'nt like doing the dishes and I know it very well. Yet, he insists that he does it every night and  after dinner he spares me from my nightmare. He slowly pushes my back to the door and tells me to go and rest or study. Also, he reminds me not to forget to make him something for breakfast tomorrow morning. And I sometimes don’t bother the next morning cause I m sleppy and grumpy. Cosmin shakes his head and make his own meal and still kisses me when he goes to work. I think that's love, right?

       Not the big presents or the kisses in front on parent and friends just to show off, but the daily routine moments give me a sense of Cosmin’s love. I wonder how does he sees me ? And after he shuts the door I fell sorry not keeping my promise and I start thinking that something could go wrong that day. A car incindent or whatever. I know, I'm a female and I m naturraly protective but can't help it.
       I wish I have a stamp to print on his rough heart my message : “ Your always in my mind ... “. Not that I love him, cause he's an easy loveble man. Instead, he's in my mind, my subconsciouness, and I care for him much than for me . My personality could be called multiple, because it isn't just one of me, we are two..Cos and Andreea.
       When a decision has to be made, he ' the little angel in my mind and I'm the devil. Clearly, my guidance in life comes from him, a superior spirit than mine. I m much egocentric and self conscious.
       When you'll finish reading this, please take a moment to remember the reasons you love your husband or girlfriend.