Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Post-How It Beggins

If not true yet, we know it in our hearts it will soon be Our Journey. Starting point:

West Fargo

      We think that there’s no better choice than this little town to start our adventure across the States. You may have heard something about West Fargo, but we guarantee you that there is more than meets the eye .

     We arrived in town(from nowhere),Saturday around 8 am. Little did we knew that this 25.000 souls town will be so animated.


Our bones craved a cozy place to lay down and we choose to
do this at Comfort Inn west Fargo Even though we didn’t had
a reservation, the staff had no problem in giving us a dream
room…Budget friendly too. After a quick foam battle in the hot tub, we made our way through the nearbies .

First stop:  Red River Zoo

      We made our entrance just in time to be a part of Animal Care 101 Program. We learned everything and even more about how those furry friends live.
      Being a zoo keeper isn’t easy, I can tell. Especially when it comes to dirty jobs. Our smelly job envolved cleaning the cage of a rare resident of the Zoo: the Red Panda. Not much bigger than a chubby cat and with eyes like a pair of black dices, this little guy chews bamboo leaves all day long. And there are proofs left behind.

Let’s just say the only thing that drove me through the process was the thought that there are fewer than 2500 like him in the whole world. Lucky me, I got to clean his poop. It was a bumpy task but we both pitched in to clean the cage in no time.
After Cosmin shared his apple with a two months old Suffolk Punch filly, we headed to lunch. I was that hungry that I could eat both the horse and the apple.

What better place to stuff our faces than TNT’s Dinner 
     Where the home cooking is at its best. It is well known that they serve the best bread pudding in town. The menu is also filled with other heaven goodies: corn chowder, pie apple crisp and biscuits and gravy. Tim and Tammy Hagensen, the owners, heard that two hungry walkers ask for a table, so they stop by to say “hello”. I ditch all my fears for fats by ordering a plate of biscuits and gravy, before dipping my fingers in it like a savage. Hubs got a warm soup and some spicy sausages. Icing on the cake, food was on the house. Nothing fancy then, but still a place where even a king would trade his crown for a meal.

    Being chased by the time, me and C. decided to rush over another great outdoor attraction: the Red River Valley Fair. I just couldn’t wait to squeeze my butt in one of those mountain rouse’s seats. We payed $7 just to get in, but it not like I have this chance all year around. Apparently, C. hasn’t changed that much since he was ten. He took a spin with a tilt-a-whirl. I, on the other hand was felling quite brave. I embarked in Power Surge! It was like on the board of a fighter plane, cause this little baby combined 3 different spin action. I swear my jaw was at the bottom of my feet when it was all over.

    Since we hadn’t eaten dinner yet, a solution was found in no time. The fair offered many not so healthy options. Lunch was on the greasy side, so why not care on with the same song? A dozen of mini donuts went straight in our bellies, followed by a strawberry smoothie which was kind of bland but still good.

        After such a full and exciting day, we needed to lay down as fast as possible. Sure, a regular bed sounded comfortable, but I knew we couldn’t live from West Fargo without trying the campgrounds from Buffalo River State Park. Backpacking a small tent is never a bad idea. The park had swimming, hiking, skiing and picnicking areas. Being the lucky bastards that we are, we were picked up by another group of campers and their guide to walk the …Full Moon Walk.   

       The event takes place on every 17 day of June and it’s all about exploring the prairie and the edge of the Buffalo River woodland. The walk is no longer than 2 mile, but our eyeballs were almost glued to the landscape as the night went on. This unexpected short trip ended up at The regional Science Center telescopes. Ron Potter himself, the manager of Recreation Systems was the one that showed us the constellation of Ursa Major. Right there, under the bright stars, I kissed my husband and told him these exactly words: “ Fest Wargo was your best idea ever. That s why they call you The Brain. I’ll be the Pinkie!” .

Next morning, we were hitting the road, searching another great adventure across the States.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Her Post- Red riding hood and her not so evil wolf went on a picnic

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn would have been proud of us

These days were days of pure joy and I say this from deep down my heart. It was just the two of us, no family or friends. Since our home town is too far away, exams are waiting us around the corner and our neighbors went at their parents, we thought this is a great opportunity to explore the nearbies of Bucharest. We had a picnic.

Starting a picnic fire it's like starting a relationship. You can never tell if it will last enough.

I was in charge with most of the preparation, but once we got there, my husband grilled the chicken and mushrooms skewers. We serve it with fresh cucumber, black olives, feta cheese and hard boiled eggs. We also brought sodas and water and a very flavored ginger beer to share.

Thank God our backpaks wore light weighted cause we had to walk like it was our job.

The wood was packed of people trying to find a spot for their barbeque. Our picnic neighbors wore kind enough to borrow us the only thing we forgot to bring …Matches. Yep, we are the dummies that go fishing without a molten or swimming without bathing suits.

The gatekeeper of the barbeque
Real ants and printed ones met on a tree.

Hubs hanged the picnic invitation that we printed ( the one with a spelling error!) above our heads with some toothpicks, while I played the same song in my head: meat, onion, mushroom, bell pepper, meat.

I can make a pile of skewers like nobody's business.

Hot, steamy and ready to be eaten.

In the end, the skewers looked quite yummy. By the time barbeque was ready, I was almost ravenous and my manners went out the window.

Would you give me a break so I can dig in like an ogre?

We both agreed that all the work paid off when the first bite was taken. On a daily basis, we can be pretty talkative. This time, words couldn’t describe the taste ! Then, it was time to play some badminton, before packing up an handing home.

Those were taken a day before, in the park. They call us " The guffy team" cause we have one rule: Have fun.

The rest of the night was spend resting in bed, like two grandpas.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Her Post- Chronicle of an Easter Picnic Foretold

Can you tell we are doing the Easter cleaning even on our virtual house? We want to divide the " Her" and "His" posts, so you guys can easily find whatever you want to check. We're slowly getting there!

Meanwhile... We are planning an Easter picnic, tomorow morning ! Flowers, baloons, colourful plates and some great snancks are waiting to be packed. I even made a customize invitation for you:

OMG!! I wrote " Eastear" !! Well, it will be our little secret, right?

I used to make to much food for Easter and by the time it was over we were stuck with unwanted leftovers. This year, we choose to keep it simple. I'm thinking something like

Walnut Bruscheta

Eggplant apettizer

Since Cosmin works today, I'll have to do most of the food by myself . I will still save the best part of the preparations for tonight. Dying eggs can be very messy, but my hubs is far more carefull than me and loves everything that envolves crafting. To make the eggs more appealing, we use parsley leaves or band tape which can create unique patterns.

Before starting my cooking marathon, I have to pay a visit to the groceries store. The list includes:

1. Red bell pepers
2. Chesse
3. Raisins
4. Sour Cream

Wish me luck! I hope I won't get smacked by some crazy lady who thinks that her shopping cart is some kind of coat of arm and she must fight with me for a last piece of orange. In this time of the year, groceries shops are so crowded that one has to say a prayer before leaving home.

All in all, life is good and I get to celebrate the ressurection of Jesus with my husband, sane and happy!

Did you planned something special for this Easter?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Her post- My Upside-Down Princess World

I did it! I finally met a real princess. Or may I say two. Being a very punctual person brought me many bitter moments ( like the one when it was winter and I arrived 10 min earlier just to wait a friend that called to say she will be late?). God rewarded me this time and I was chosen to give flowers to one of the princess. Turns out, it was the Romanian one, princess Margaret.
Can you believe I didn't washed my hands for more than 24 hours?
There were video cameras all over the place and hundreds of pictures were taken. The Royal Highness seemed very comfortable with my clumsy way of handing her the flowers and responded with a gentle smile. The press conference went smoothly, but I couldn’t stop thinking what would it be to live like a princess?

First, every princess has to have a cute companion, one that never disagrees and always prefer a bowl of milk over a handful of diamonds.

This is one ugly cat and it gives me the creeps

Then, I would honor my new veggie love by ditching the real and very heavy crown and replacing it with a crown made of brussel sprouts. It may be a little bit expensive since the price of these small greens is higher that any good steak you’ll find on the market.

I’ll carry on with the green theme outside of my castle too. Flowers are great, sure. But wouldn’t be even cool if someone like Edward The Scissors Man would design for me something like this…?

I would eat my crown by the end of the evening...

What is it about little Johnny that makes him good looking even with a pair of scissors-hands?

Royal world is very similar to Hollywood: every inch that adds to your waist brings you a step closer from losing the crown. Every morning I’ll shout at the top of my lungs for someone to help put on my unbearable thigh corset. No pain no game, right?

Let's be honest! I'm no Scarleet O'Hara, although I'm as stuborn as a mule can be! And I hope this tool of torture cames with boobies to mach :)

At the end of the day, I’ll throw a huge tea party and pay some serious money to Katy Perry to sing for us, dressed in a latex Barbie doll costume!

Huge parties aren't my cup of tea, but I'm a princess that knows her very best interest!

What about YOU? Did you ever dreamed of being a Royal Blood person??

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Her Post- What John Cena and The Princess of Jordan have in common?

Well…ME! That’s right! This Alabama girl, is going to meet with John Cena and The Princess of Jordan. You can’t find two people more different than that, right? But I choose to be a journalist, so exciting encounters like this come with the whole package.

Why wait a green light? You're a pedestrian crossing his own life and the sky is the limit !

Despite the fact that I was getting at the end of my rope with all those school tasks, life gave me Green Light to relax and have fun.

Wrestling is definitely not my cup of coffee, but my husband is dying to see a real show. As soon as I found out that the super stars John Cena, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett come in town, I send an e-mail to their PR, requesting accreditation. I was over the moon to give such a present to Cosmin.

Then the women reply to me. Yep, I could definitely come, but without my husband cause he’s not part of the press. I tried everything from explaining her that we don’t even want seats to begging. Still NO.

They may look as dumb as a rock, but who cares? Who's the teacher that didn't gave them straith A's?

So my plan is go see the show and talk to whom I will found at the gate. It must be another PR, a person on the same page with me. My B plan is to record John Cena saying “ Hello” to hubs. Either way, I’m not giving up.

Before the big wrestling event, I need to start practicing reverences. All those curtsy lunges weren’t in vain…Rym Brahimi, the Princess of Jordan is not the typical royal blood person. Instead of walking through her giant flower garden and doing charity acts, she choose something else. Rym went on a war field, in the middle of bombs, a scary place for every sane woman . Needless to say, she loved it.
No silver spoons for this royalty. Canned beans and a bowl of Instant Miso Soup sounds delicious when grenades blow up four miles away.

Monday, I’ll get to hear what is like to be a CNN reporter and a princess. Stay tunned !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Her Post- Bitchy morning and an attempt to fit in a suitcase

I can’t believe I’m writing a post while I’m on my way out to school in the middle of the day. I woke up this morning to a boy who had tummy aches and instead of mothering him, all I did was to act as if he’s fine. I can’t deal with the thought of him being ill. I feel alone and in the helpless knowing that I can’t count on him. I’m weak, I know.

Poor guy went to the office a little confused, but at least I gave him a kiss and I said “ I’m  sorry”. Thank God that his colleagues were much more friendly than me. My husband received a delayed present and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. In case you didn’t know, Saturday was his 28 birthday .

If you can't get my sense of art, that's too bad cause it's called " Do your best with a shity icing and let the candles save the day"

Anyway, I got to pay for my mean behavior. After rushing like crazy to get to school, the teacher canceled our class. Here I was, with a ton of time on my hands and relatively far away from house.

With so much paper work to chew lately, I kind of lost out of sight the step count, a personal campaign that I started 2 weeks ago – “Move your hairy ass” . I tackle down some miles, while having my favorite snack: a protein bar.

it had flaxseeds and carob powder and it keept my hunger away till lunch.
I’m have exactly 2 minutes to move away from the laptop and run.

If he can do it, I can do it! I just hope the guy washes in socks!

Our radio teacher is bringing a special guest from America. If you won’t hear of me anymore, it means that I convinced the guy to let me hide inside his suitcase and I’m eating my first real hotdog! Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Her Post - The reason Japanese live longer and it's not because they know Kung FU

Sunday we went all the way till Japan.

We have loved to take a real trip to The Land Of Rising Sun and witness the great show of cherry blossomed season. You’re probably sick and tired of me sharing my passion for nature, so I figured it out that One more post on this theme isn’t a big deal. Right?

Saturday, was my active rest day. After church, we went to our favorite park. It wasn’t a particularly sunny day, but we wanted to spend some quality time together, since we both have to study for our exams.

As we entered in the park, a warmer light made its way through clouds. With no specific route in our mind, we were prepared to just move until our legs dropped. Fortunately, it wasn’t the case. I turned my head and there it was…The Japanese Garden.

They seemed very absorbed, but do not let them full you. I bet they were ready to a one on one fight for some good CO2.

A small garden surrounded by a small fence, with small paths to walk on. Are japanese people that small?? And what do you get when you put together a nice weather and some blossomed trees? A bunch of couples that had their own tree to laid down and just…kiss. There was some sort of unspoken rule that the last people who arrived must find another tree.

We spotted a good one and laid down over our jackets. Soon after, we did some pictures and enjoyed our snacks, while taking a light tan.

Poor Buddha. He looks like he lost like 20 pounds of belly fat and he now poses like  a drug dealer:
" This stuff is good, I can smell it"

My sammie was stuffed with salad, tomatoes and melted cheese. Just like japanese eat.

How about you? Did you get to see the real deal?

Did you know?

  • Cherry blossoms are deeply embedded in Japanese culture, and this is reflected on the face of the 100-yen coin, which depicts cherry blossoms
  • After enjoying the cherry blossoms visually, you might want to see what they taste like. A great many culinary delights are produced in Japan using cherry blossoms, including confections with cherry blossom motifs, cherry blossom teas, and cuisine that incorporates the flavor of cherry blossoms
  • All though cherry blossoms are typically pink or white, there are also unusual varieties that flower in green and yellow.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Her Post- Turning butterflies of love into an air bed pump

I watched my husband leave the house with a big smile on his face this morning and I quivered thinking at the handsome boy who stole my heart in a summer day.

Orange Riding Hood in the wood!
 He turn 28 today. He’s still a funny, smart and inventive guy, but the last six years had brought him something more. That touch of kindness mixed with determination that every man gets once he hits maturity.

When we start dating, he kissed my lips like as he was picking up some rare flowers from an exotic land. These days, he kisses me like he’s adding another brush of paint over his work of art.

This certain day means nothing. It’s just some sort of mind clock, reminding us to look back and be amazed of how far we have gone.

Those two were meant to be together

So far, that those butterflies spread their wings and flew away. Instead having a ticklish stomach, I now have an air bed pump attached to my heart. One of these days I’ll raise up in the sky, hanging on a giant flowing heart. Did you noticed I'm so into balloons? See for yourself !

Love keeps me pumped
I must admit...Knowing that I can’t afford to give him a material present, makes me sad although puts another perspective on things. Cake is a must, so at least our bellies will receive a treat.

I made a coconut base cake with fruits and whipped cream filling. That's how we roll, fresh and simple!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Her Post- Don’t Be A Drag, Just Be A Queen

Boy, oh boy. There were days when I was bored and just wanted to be busy, to “have a life”. Little did I knew, those days were given to enjoy not complain about.

That bottle's not mine...I just hold on to it, fearing that I was going to fall over!

Today, I feel like I have no time to spare. Instead, I can barely sleep, not because I have insomnia, but because I’m constantly thinking about what to do next. Being a wife, a graduate student, a blogger and a part-time journalist leaves me, sometimes, drained.

But enough with the “Drag” inside me, let’s talk about the “ Queen” that hides underneath all those layers of whining .I rarely feel like a real queen when I’m all by myself. On the other hand, my husband knows what does make me feel like one.

You see, men are always saying that women don’t know how to take compliments.

When He sais: “ Your hair smells so good”…

She responds: “ It’s no big deal, I just washed it like usual”

I was one of those not very grateful ladies!

When I met my husband , I recognized a modern gentleman. He had ( and still has it) the capacity to kiss my hand and open a door and bring flowers without seeming old fashioned or a wimp. He does all that like it’s his second nature, effortless.

So, having this guy around, made me conscious about my value. I mean, hey, I may be an average girl, with an average hair and a not so average high, but for my hubs, I’m the Only Girl In the World, like Rihanna would say.

I cherish every sweet word and little flower I receive, even if it’s not a special day. From trees, public gardens, private gardens, parks and God know where else from, he gave me love in the form of flowers.

Here’s a some of my “ perfumed little treasures”.

 Are You a Drag or a Queen? How do you handle compliments?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Her Post- How a great weekend looks like

Say hello to this happy camper! This weekend we were on the verge of getting in the jail for robbery charges. I had a hard time convincing the police officers that all we wanted was to snap a picture with those guys. They had some great rocky muscles and even when I hugged one of them, it remain as cold as a stone.

I also practiced my ballerina skills...

Well, I made up that story just to tell you what a great springy weekend we had, even if it was a little bit cloudy. II wonder why is it all the statue have to be that stiff and grumpy. Maybe, cause everyone around them gets to move and have fun, instead of sitting in the same place for like…ten years or so.

Now, what this guy gets after a lifetime in the service of his country? A better lake view and a nice tree.

The weather began to straighten up and meet with a furry friend. Like usual, the one who owns the goodies, makes a better buddy.

Cave man and the dog
" Give me more, give me more". Another Britney fan.

One thing leads to another...My belly was as empty as a Monday morning church. Lucky me, we had these sweet cranberries to fuel us.

This time, we didn't share. I made sure to get rid of that " I can lick my butt and still look cute" guy

We thought of taking a ride whit it, but I didn't know for sure if my never-ending legs will fit in. My hubs calls it " spaghetti".

It's not Thomas. It's his weird cousin from Alabama.
Suddenly, my husband craved a little art. I said " Yes", and woke up in a small room, surrounded by grannies an awkward music. It's something about art that makes me fell...overwhelmed.

If it seems like he knows what his looking at...he doesn't. I must admitt he almoust folled me too.
 On our way home, we stopped to get some pineapple and vitamins. Pineaplle is like water for me these day. I don't know a single word in Germany, but I can tell when I taste a good piece of this golden fruit...

Danke schon. The lady was doing her job, and I was doing mine.

How was your weekend? Tell me about it .