Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Recap: wish come true, paper work and flowers

Hello, happy bloggers and readers! I was a little absent cause of a very busy weekend, but I hope you ll understand me. Good news although…I WENT TO THE CIRCUS SHOWRemember?

Saturday was the best day ever.After the press conference with the manager and members of circus “ Mother Africa”, I got to use for the first time my id press and been invited to the event for FREE! Unfortunately, my hubby had to stay home, and he made sure that I would be properly feed. He made a late quick post dinner snack for me.
                                         After seeing those guys I wanted to move to Africa! So friendly people!

            That s how I looked at midnight, after a crazy day. "The magic dissappeared and princess Andreea became a ogre!" 

How was the show? Enough to say that I run out of battery on my handy cam. Ever since, I m in a very bright state of mind and the good things keep on coming towards us. Yesterday, I woke up very early, prepare lunch for my hubby and wrote some articles. Then, I panicked after checking the clock. I did a short mix workout, a combo between cardio and weights and really push so I still have time for post workout snack and to dress myself. I had a presentation to do at school and it went smooth like the rest of the day.

                                            Some yogurt/chesse/apple/cinnamon combo and H2O. And...Roumanian dead-lifts.

                                                                        I polished all in no time ! Hungry girl..

I must have been burned out. Once I returned home, I collapsed in a well deserved nap and woke up today with a sore throat and a little weak. I will listen to my body and rest at least for the first part of the day.

                                                   After a night of sleep, Andreea returned to her normal face

Cosmin made my day today. Again. It s the first of March and we, Romanians, celebrate the first day of spring by changing small symbolic gifts like ribbons made of white and red thin cords. I ll snap a photo later in the day. In addition, he gave me a small bouquet of hyacinth. The flowers we in a glass, in the kitchen and ribbon was prop up the glass. The man arranged all this there a night before, after I went to sleep. Now, the entire house smells like Spring!

Happy spring to you and remember,


His Post-SuperWoman

Doesn't everybody wonders : "Do super heroes really exist ? Could SuperMan ever be real? And if he ever did, who could be his wife?”.

Well I don’t have the answers for those questions, but I know one thing that Super Women does exist, and I am the proud chosen one of her. No matter how many pages I write about her still won’t ever be enough, but here are just a few reasons for why a think that she is just super.

- No matter how tired she is or how little sleep she might have, she always wakes up before me and prepares me dinner.

- She is the best cook love can buy, and by far and no doubt the most ingenious one.

- What’s the name of my best (and true) friend (it’s hard to get one)? You guess it Andreea.

- The best Romanian (and English) language teacher (and the roughest), for sure.

- And who doesn’t want the sexiest nurse at his head just when you feel like dying? (even if you are not). To take care of you after being foolish enough and come home through the rain, just like a wet rat!

- She is a great football player, and she always kicks my ass! Well I am just kidding one this one, but it’s really funny and relaxing to to play sort of football in the park with her.

- When I was young (and restless :) ) I was wondering if how my future wife ( I didn’t know her back then) will get along with my mother. Well … she got it covered, in fact she is more like a daughter of my mom.

- Who has the best looking babe from this part of the Universe? I’m pretty sure that I am the lucky winner.

- Spontaneous and funny ? She has it all. When we go for a walk this second she is next to mine the next one you can see fooling around the water almost falling in to it.

- What do you think that ties all of this together and ads some spices in our lives ? Well just a tiny hero argue. Super Women’s do that sometimes.

- The most famous personal trainer of them all, my wife.

- All the kitties and dogs from this Earth have no fear of extinction because your savior has arrived. Yep, she loves them all and she always buys pretzels and shares with them. Even do they are not always eating :)

- Before I met her, I was always bragging how well I can clean the house and I was considering myself the best. Well now I am second Best :).

- Oh her eyes, her eyes
  Make the stars look like they're not shining
  Her hair, her hair
  Falls perfectly without her trying

- And last but not least I just want her to know that if would stop loving me just for only one second I would ceass to exist.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Her Post- I m so excited, and I just can t hide it ( The pointer sisters)

Today it s a good day. Unlike yesterday, I manage to sleep, eat and tweet properly. I had to go to the National Library to find an antique paper. Are you holding on ?  The paper called “ The Rumanian” was created and released in 1883, so when I told what I m looking for to the lady who helped me she laugh and tried to explain that I misspelled the date…After a few second she entered the code and then she realizes that there was a paper from 1883.
She immeadiatelly brought it and I had to spend a bunch of hours figuring out what in the world those journalists wrote. It was an old roumanian dialect so…By the time I finished, I was ravenous, grumpy, my brain was a broke engine and all that calmed me before getting home was my husband s voice.

Today I had a lay down school day so I got my revange. Sunday will be an even more exciting day.
I m going to meet up with these guys:

No joke. A press conference it s going to take place at a mega shooping center and I get to be invited. Turn out there are the African version of Cirque du Soleil. The group gathers 50 people from all the African Continent: Tanzania, Etiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

I want to asked them how it s like to be a traveller, whether they enjoy every single moment beeing on the stage or they rather do something else in life and if they really can see the beautifull countries in which they tour.

My secret desire is to get two invitations at their show. Maybe I ll have some luck on my hands if I ll start beeing more bold. After all, they speak english, I speak english. I m thinking saying them Welcom in African but I don t know a single word...Anyone?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Her Post- A short story and some serious threatenings

Hello from our snowy and so windy Bucharest! My day started with a lot of paper work due to some school projects, then I had to write an article for my part time job. Before that, I rushed to pack lunch for Cosmin and made breakfast. After 3 hours of staring at the computer and trying to pay 100% attention, I managed to take a snack and squeeze a butt/ muffin top workout. After that, made my homework for today and here I am, catching up with blogging on my way out to college.

I am looking at my nails and I blame for letting myself go like that. I have clean and round nail but I wish to have some polosh on them, especially since a new one is waiting in my desk. The real problem are my hands. Day by day, my hands transform in some form of blackboard where you can find all sorts of dots, lines or little spots. The reason for all this is my clumsiness. Although I am a good cooker and I m not bragging, and although you can call me Speedy Gonzales in the kitchen, for some reason I don t feel the pain or I ignore it. Whether I fry an egg or I put a try in the oven, I always end up hurting myself.

A funny story reached to my ears recently. Do you know how band-aid was invented? The plaster was the creation of a man in his desperate attempt to protect his clumsy wife. You read right! This man called Earle Dickson worked at a pharmaceutical factory and told his bosses about this awkward idea. At home, he tried everything to save his wife fingers and came up with something that would stay in place.

This brainiac took a square of compress and trustworthy it to the core of a square of tape, and afterwards lonesome the product with crinoline to keep it sterile. Today we can enjoy this little piece of miracle when the first drop of blod make it s way till the surface of our skin.
                                                         He can be very very mean to me! Help !

Cosmin is not that patient neither that inventive, so he frankly threatened me if I once cut or steam or fry my hands and fingers. He said that a girl cannot have the hands of an old lady and seems perfectly logical but I can t help myself. He told me than he would abandoned me alone in the kitchen as soon as he sees the tiniest spot on my hands.

 Wish me look with that impossible mission !

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Her Post- Home alone

 Yesterday I was invited to participate at an radio event along with some colleagues from my part time job. There was a lot of people from all sorts of magazines and sites, especially boys. Cosmin did an awesome job and encouraged me to go and socialize and not worry about him being home alone. He was also a bit tired since he worked half the program yesterday. I wanted so much to bring him as well , but he told me that he wouldn t feel confortable being there. I knew that was true.

Less like this...

                                 More like this!

So me and Codrina, my friend, went there and had a wonderfull time , zipping a sweet wine , eating a piece of caramel cake and talking to strangers. When I left from home I secretly wished that Cosmin was one of that jealous guys, that tells their wives “ Be carefull, man are sneaky, they will try something with you. Maybe I should come anyway”. At a second thought, I couldn t live with a person like that, but I like to know that my hubby has a drop of jealousy. Turns out he has it!

As soon as I left and took the subway, my cell phone started to ring. He just wanted to know that I was safe and if Codrina joined me. Then, 20 minutes later he called me again “ just ” to tell me that he successfully installed a new garmin on his phone. Apparently, this news could no longer wait.
Moving on, at the party I forget the phone in my purse. Half an hour later, I check it and had a major surprise. Cosmin had called me like five times. Called him back. Guess what? He wanted to informed me that he downloaded four new movies to watch it together when I returned.

He never once asked me about the guys that were there, about the music or about the time I will go back. Still, he has his own manner to show that he missed me and he had antsy pants about me going all alone at a party were I almost knew nobody. I had a blast, but I couldn t wait to see him and spend a movie night as a family.

Is your partner jealous or he has his own manner to show appreciation and love?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Her Post- What is your six-word story??

just found out that Smith Magazine Web site readers are having a lot of fun doing a challenge. They suppose to sup um their love stories in just six words. That s even harder than Twitter! But I love beeing creative and I love even more showing off with my husband cause he s really a good catch. Enough with bragging…I hope he ll never read this cause he can easily get excited about compliments .

So, here are some of the “ stories” on the site:

But our domestic partnership was notarized….
Your new wife is too friendly.
there’s nothing sex can not fix.
Finally found love, at age 41.
Note to self: avoid head cases.
He wasn’t worth the panic attacks.
Chocolate is the coward’s bad apology.
Pet-sitting for ex-husband describes amicable divorce.

I was tossing and turning about what to write, what will be the most representative thing for us. I came up with these:

Real love takes a pretty good team.

Without him, a martini without olive.

From playing games to playing marriage.

“Forever”, to little to be with you.

Love turns routine into a journey.

Sweat off for a marriage, enjoy results.

7 years between, makes perfect balance .

I feel chosen every day, that s love.

I hope you cold be more inventive . It s still seven in the morning so my brain it s a little stiff. All in all, this game is great because you get at the bottom of your relationship .

What is your “ six-word story”?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Her Post- A gift that costs nothing than persuasion

Yesterday we celebrated six months of marriage and FIVE and ½ years of relationship. Holly Moly that s a lot of time and I m only 21. But trust me, it s was an adventurous roller coaster and I m waiting more to come.

Because I didn t want to give him an ordinary gift just so we can mark this day, and since he was sweet enough to write such a beautifull and funny post and thought about something boldy…

                                Don t trust in my " innocent" smile. There is more from where that little plan came

I went to college and ask all my colleagues I can find at that class to accept to be tape recorded by me as they said a few words for Cosmin. I told them what s the reason that we celebrate and they told me it was a great idea. I managed to raise five people that I recorded while saying Cosmin that “ Andreea loves you very much, that much that she asked us to deliver the message. Have a happy marriage!”

When we arrived home I coldn t wait dinner so I rushed him to check out his present. I too recorded a message. He was very surprised and when he was able to talk he told me that I m much better than him at making surprises and he s jealous! Mission completed!

This week it s a crazy one and breaking out from normality it s always a good thing.

What was the most crazy, out of this world gift that you ever made for somebody??

Her Post- How to begin when it s ending

I m done with my diction clasess! It s been one and a half month since I start going to them and I m proud to say that I finished earlier cause my teacher gave me a golden star and told me I m a "master" and I can no longer come if I want to !

That put a big smile on my face and I headed straith home and took a nap. Have you ever felt overwhelmed even before you start some sort of activity? I m that tipe of person. I put myself through hard times thinking and pre-living a situation. Maybe I fell pressure because this Friday I ll be interviewing a big celebrity for my part-time job or maybe I m not sure where to start again, what goal to have in order to maximase my chances of getting a real job.

One thing I know fore sure: I m no longer scared about finding a job after I graduate. I know what kind of fishes swim in the online see , I know what kind of writing requires and I have the skills. But my love for reporting it s a work in progress. Fist step was taking those classes and recording news in front of my camera. Next step? Do some more of that I guess. Then, when I ll fell more confident in this area too, I ll send some recorded CV to Tv station. So, that my big plan and I m 100% sure it will work. And home to celebrate withouth a good cake that i make yesterday?

P.s. You just read an attempt to cheer myself up so I could restart my morning and fell more bright! Thank you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

His Post-How to be a good husband-chef

I am a a good chef, a very good husband chef. And I’m willing to share for free my secrets of what it takes to achieve such a high level of professionalism.

First of all let me tell you that this is by no means a 3 day training and that’s it. No, it takes at least 4 to 5 years learn and master all the skill needed to become The One. It needs determination, involving, a true love and 140% dedication, and last but not least a hole lot patience.

Here are the detailed steps:

1. You got to carefully clean and nicely cut all the recipe needed veggies. Arrange them in a order in a very beautiful bawl or plate, and put them somewhere near to your beloved cook-wife. Just remember that it has to be a perfect , not to far away or you’ll end up playing fetch (you being the fetcher  ), and not to close or you will have to buy a new dish, probably even new groceries and in worst case scenario some patches.

2. Always taste the food when the wife-cook asks you to do that. It’s matter of life and death, and be sure that you blow upon the food from the spoon yourself, if you still want to use taste buds after. (who knows it could be the wife-cook way of testing your love for her  ). Very important, if you think the food needs some more spices Watch you language, and use wise words or you’ll end up starving to death.

3. Quickly wash the used dishes and never leave more that 3 dirty dishes in the sink, because most of the times the wife-cook might need to use just those dirty dishes. And be sure when you wash them to use the silent button. Let’s be honest who likes a noisy husband-chef washing dishes and making even more annoying noises. So shhhhhhhhhht.

 4. Be sure that you do your best helping and stealing wife-cook secrets when she is in the middle of magic enchanting, or she could forget to use that secret witch she only haves witch is called “LOVE”. And let’s face it food without love it’s just tasteless.

5. And last but not least you always got to careful to eat the very last thing she made. And remember this even if you are not hungry you are hungry. Because there is nothing like love made food.

A story says that if you want to “Haply live, ever after” you always got to eat that very special food.

Some say that “If you always eat that you will be strong young and beautiful , if not you will probably die ahead of time because of the sorrow blue heart”

This post is fully dedicated to my dedicated cook-wife without which my heart wouldn’t be alive.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Her Post - Dreams and other ”drugs”

I find myself speechlessAll my life I ve been waitting this moment to come and now I m just paralysed. This is one of those strange moments that come after a big wish, a big struggle and when eventually happened all I m able to do is stare with my mouh open. I m such a dorch!

Who I m I kidding? I m 100% prepared to receive this opportunity cause I and Cosmin deserve it!

No one knows how many nights we fall asleep talking about US, how many letters we send people all around US via e-mail trying to reach to somebody willing to help, how many pictures we saw, how many sites we read just to document about all the paper we need to do in order to get there. We both literally cry our eyes out watching a documentary about Mexican, Asian , Chinesse people who get cautch staying illegally in America and have been deported. I want to be clear! I m not going there to live a lie. We are going to put our maximum efforts in this so we can have a decent, honest life, with all the bads and goods.

This was the cake for Cosmin s birthday and I want to surprise him! Not a piece of art, but a piece of my American heart!

God was all along besides us, guiding us thru this journey , cause finding a dream it s a journey itself. We tried to be aware of every moment of this adventurous trip, so when we will eventually live our dream we can look back and laugh.

We even made a list, just to be sure that we aren t trap in a illusion! We put in a column the plusses and in the other column the minuses! The result? We re definitely going!

My advice is, no matter what people say ( they unintentionally will try to delay you), one has to grow and have the courage to dream. People are afraid of new, that s why the negative attitude, but then we might as well live without planes and cars and computers cause their invention was bullied in first place!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Her Post - A bad bad habit

Good morning my new Twitter friends! I have admit, I hardly believed that Twitter is a good place for making friends…Real live isn t sometimes a good place for that, so why virtual space should be. It s tricky.

We tend to make our own projection about people we “meet” on social networks, we try to make them safer buddies, cause nobody wants to chat with a burgeler or a murderer. The truth is we really have no clue who s there. So that s the reason I doubted. Still, I happen to experience something new and excited. I make effort to catch up with all that information, there s so many things I want to learn, to make it mine. It can be overwhelming.

…And when I feel like that, or excited or anxious I harm myself by ripping my cuticles. I ve seen people scratching their scalps, rubbing their heands, biting their lips, but my thing it s cuticles. My destroying habit leaves my hands with little bloody spots and unappeling manicure.

Do you have some sort of bad habit, one that comes with emotions? If do, please give me a tip. I can t wear box gloves and I can t soak my fingers in something bitter…

Monday, February 7, 2011

Her Post- The girls who disbelieves bad horoschope

Hello, there! This is Andreea. If you wonder why I m so talkative it s because I m born this way…and because I don t have a job yet. I m a student, a young wife and a part time volunteer editor at a news website. They don t pay me, but I get to write and learn about online mass media, I get to take part at some public events and the best of it, I own a journalist card. Plus, I don t fell the pressure to write a specific thing and I don t have deadlines.

Today was another experiment breakfast day. I eat banana oatmeal and I think it s better cold than hot. Is still morning here in Bucharest ( 8: 13 am) so I m catching up with blogging and reading random horoschope.

I just can t help it. I like hearing or reading about my sign( I m Scorpio and Cos is an Aries). The thing is that my brain is set to ignore the negative comments. For example, if the pretty lady from Tv tell me that “ The Scorpio will have problems dealing with stress”, I say myself that are millions of scorpions out there so somebody will be stressed, NOT me. But if the news are bright, bring it on.

With that said, I better start writing articles for my part time job so I enjoy the rest of the day doing…more articles.

p.s. Dear hubby, if you read this in your lunch break, please don t forget calling Razvan to book us tickets at cinema for the “ Little fockers “, at 19:15 tomorrow night. Kisses!

Her Post-Baked apples oatmeal VS. cocoa oatmeal and…money talk

Today started pretty good. I just couldn t decide weather it s a new oatmeal breakfast recipe or should I stick to my kind of boring cocoa oatmeal. I m a pretty adventurous person so I pick the first. Well, it turnet good, sweet and sour from the cinnamon/green apple/honey combo but I have doubts about turning it into a habit. If there s a fruit in my oatmeal, that will be pumpkin. Love it. But then, when it comes to money…not so cheap. Fresh pumpkin cost a little fortune in Roumania and canned it s non existing.

Speaking of money. Me and Cosmin had a talk the other day about lending money to a friend of him. I was skeptical, not because of giving the guy too much , but because I had a really bad experience with lending money.

The story She was a good friend of mine, she seemed trustable and kind in all the matters. Our civile marriage was approaching so we had some money raised ( our parents did not contributed). She asked me to give her about 200 dollars. Our savings where a totall of 500 dollars so that was a really tight budget !! I could n say no to her, firstly cause she knew that I was raising money and secondly cause she was my best friend. Our civile marriage was planned to be a month later. Guess what? The girl turned out to be a liar, she avoided me, and then she start making me promises to return my so needed money.

I was literally freaked out. I was afraid that we ll have problems paying the local restaurant meals where it supposed to be the after party…I cried so much that my husband beg me to stop. He tried every single thing to calm me down but my heart felt betrayed, and my pockets …empty. I started to pray. Days before the event, Cosmin received a gift from his bosses, a gift in the honor of our marriage…About 200 dollars, the money that I stupidly lost were there, in front of us.

I never heard about “ my friend” . I strongly belive that was God s way to teach me a lesson, make me more humble.

The question is, what do you think about lending money, I mean higher amounts of money? And to whom?

That scene left me with “soul scars”, so I m a little tempered.

Check out this little research of mine:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

His Post- Almost but not quite

         Yeeeeey, we won the lottery 6/49, no we haven’t…..but wait we actually won, no…no…we didn’t . This is how life it’s sometimes, even if you win something and it is not “the big prize” you still feel like you didn’t won, like a looser. We all tend to do mistakes like that, and never fully enjoy our little “victory’s” because we forget that small things can make you feel so good. Don’t you all feel sometimes that “all the bad things are happening to me” and you ask yourself “Whyyyy Meeeee”, well I think that you should really ask yourself “ Why am I being such an idiot to even think that?” instead of enjoying all the wonderful and unique moments this life blesses us whit. When your feet are hurting just think that are some people that don’t even have feet to feel that, or when you drive your car and become angry because the sun is blinding you just think that are many who didn’t even see it . Your angry because your child is crying ? Don’t be, be happy because are parent’s that didn’t hear (and probably never will) they er kids. How we make our life and how happy we are it only depends on us. Think that all bad things happen to you? Think again. Every day we win something, we win the right to be happy.

Yeey, we actually won on lottery 10 ron (3 dollars) and we are extremely happy.

Ps: Yesterday we ate for the first time mold cheese and drank a glass of red wine together.

PPS: We are diging a tunnel from Romania to Time Square Garden, anybody has a spear shovel ?