Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Her Post- They say routine is bad for you. They suck.

Hi, there! I just got out the shower and some water drops are dangerously falling into my keyboard. I am that excited to write to you! Life has been better to us and things are slowly starting to get to their normal track.

Enjoy your routine, but don't get to comfy!

This was the first day when I can honestly say that we’re back to our normal routine. Oh, me missed it so much! Eating breakfast in the kitchen, at a table, taking shower without rushing, sleeping in a quiet environment and just knowing where things are in the house.

Let me refresh your memory on what’s been happening around here in the past two weeks:

Speaking about routines. During this crazy marathon , we found ourselves sick, but our health got worse because of a more important factor: the lack of a familiar routine. It never occurred to me than I could be that affected by such a thing since I named myself “ a chameleon” .

They say routine it’s a bad thing, a boundary between man and change. Routine can damage your life and relation, if you get stuck and live “ inside the box”.
When you pass day by day after the same tree not knowing that it’s there, then you can say routine is taking over your life in an unhealthy way.

Can you tell I love my walking routine?

But imagine waking up every single morning with what question on your mind: What’s next? It would be a chaos if we have to constantly change our jobs, our eating habits, if we had to sleep one day on the floor and one day on a bed made of bambus?

I consider myself a highly adaptive creature, a “chameleon”, not some Phoenix bird that can reborn on and on. In fact, I'm a Scorpio !

Routine keeps as sain. Yeah, we should totally break it from now and then, taking our lives two the next level. Having a pattern of habits molds our personality, making us sure that we can handle some of the buttons of a complex machine.

Ooh, what does this button dooo?

Maybe I’m wrong. I would love if you would smack me in the face with my theory, so we can come up with another!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Her Post- Renos Survival Guide

It’s officially weekend, but nobody’s resting around here. If you ever seen “ Extreme Makeover-Home Edition” , you also know how look our apartment right now.
If not, let me put it like that: I took a “ dust shower” every single day for the last two weeks, my balance improved a lot since I zigzagging between bricks and chunks of wood and you might be surprised how cooked oats mixed with gravel tastes like ( crunchy and rocky).

If you think about doing renos, make sure you double check my Survival Guide:

Consider doing a little meditation in the morning. Get rid of all the negative emotional charge, so you can handle the clutter around you without having a claustrophobia attack.

This used to be a fun house, but now it's full of ...clutter

Make a list with food that you normally eat and cook meals in advance. Eating was our major problem. We had to eat cold, unhealthy food, while standing up. Not fun.

See? No table and chairs. I guess I could stick my butt in that bucket over there and pretend it's a chair.

Tell people about it! Some days, you’re nerves will be all over the place, but knowing what’s going on helps people be more tolerant.

Get friendly with workers. It may appear that you’re in charge, but it’s more the opposite. Some of them aren’t quite smart, but can tell a joke better than Seinfeld. The more you get along with them, the sooner they finish the job.

That guy covering his face was so funny...He said I'm worse than a paparazzi!

Escape when you can. Even if it’s just a walk in the park or coffe with a friend. Renos can put you through short episodes of depression. Take it one step further and add some vitamins along with every breakfast.

                                        I ran and ran and stopped only when I was in a green, happy place.

• Enjoy the mess. Remember when you’re a kid and you used to love having a t-shirt with mud spots and dusty pants to match? Ohh, the priceless look on your mother’s face.. Have fun with this process. After all, it will be a great story to tell at Thanksgiving dinner!

What about you? Who's in the same boat with me is more than welcomed to share tips!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Her Post- Life it’s all about balance, I blow it every day

Did you guys missed me? Or us? We were kind of busy. We actually didn’t move a feet from our bed. Nope, we didn’t had a “ honey moon reloaded episode”. Instead, I showed my love giving C. another piece of toilet paper to blow his nose.

While hubs couldn’t even smell the food during sickness, I had no problem eating well, but everything seemed tasteless.

I had a major surprise, when I putted my jeans and they were as loose as a pair of dad shoes can be when his five years old tries them.

As a former anorexic, I constantly fight to keep things balanced in my life, whether it’s about food, work or love. When things get excited in one segment, I tend to lose sight of my eating habits.

When on The Road, you have to focus on "The Big Picture", rather than just a few details

Just a week ago, we had a huge fight because my husband noticed a slightly weight loss. He was right. Being so close to graduation, having so much fun at my part-time job and writing this blog kept me busy and away from the fridge and my lack of energy proves that.

Cosmin reminded me the hell we both gone through when “ANA” took charge of my life and how vulnerable I still am, a year after my recovery. He also made sure I am aware of his fully support , he told he loves me when I shine and that happens only when I take good care of me.


Sometimes I have a hard time finding balance on a bike, and sometimes I suck at being there for…me. Neither monks, nor circus performers know what “balance” really means , so WHY should I know? Our life it’s a suspended, bumpy rope to walk on. The more we look down, the more we’ll slip off.

Heads up, practice makes it perfect!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Her Post- How to “bake” a bond with your mother in law?

Hi, there! Since I have 0 desire to attract more negative situations in my life, I want to devote this post to a very special person: my mother in law.

There are two stigmatize categories of women out there: steph mothers and mothers in law. They are known to be as dangerous as carnivorous plants and only few people have survive to tell their horrible encounters.

Save the species and don't bring such a gift to your in law :)!

Just like Destiny’s song says: “ I’ m a survivor, I’m gonna make it”, so I was lucky enough to be a myth buster. I’ve heard so many crazy stuff about mothers in law, that by the time I met mine, I was prepared for a one-on-one battle.

Even if it wasn’t love at first sight, it was love at first bite. Think at the most unhandy person you know, than double that and you’ll understand how I am. Lucky, I’m a pretty good cook. The day I brought a traditional cake to her house, I knew that I ll soon have her eating out of my hand. She s was a doubter, but she knew that no bad person can be a good cook too.

Chocolate cookies, decadent pies and fluffy pancakes were the “keys” to my mother in law’s heart and between bites and sips of tea we got to discover the sweetness of each other without being too sugary.

If you stand sharing with her a piece of chocolate, then that's Magic!

Maybe you can sing or you’re an amazing knitter. Use your skills to bond with your mother in law, show her that you’re not the Grinch who stole her son. Learn from Samantha, that little blonde witch, and wiggle your nose in the right direction. Yes, there is such thing like Magic!

See an interesting article that raises the question:If we eat them, why shouldn't they want to eat us??

What's your mother in law like? Did you had a hard time reaching towards her soul?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Her Post- The Ultimate Tool To Stay In Shape: A Nursing Degree

Life has been a rollercoaster in the past few days. The house would have looked better if a tornado sweeped it out. Our neighbours are doing some renos and there’s dust even in our food. On top of that, seems like we’re taking turns on being sick. After my stomach bug two weeks ago (Find Out Why), C. came home the other day with a nasty cold.

Fever was way over the normal levels and he began to talk incoherently. He mumbled something about paper work for a big grocery chain. I always joke and say that he can’t cheat on me cause he's a sleep talker!

Want some chesse with that whine? Puppy face.
He told me I'm a pretty good nurse. Let just say that being a nurse it's not my dream job, except moments like these. I was literally racing back and forth between a demolished kitchen and a sick husband. Nursing feels like being on a hamster wheel…You’re spinning on and on.

Now we all know nurses don't diet! They earn every single bite of dessert!

Although I didn’t manage to squeeze in a decent workout, my legs are two jelly beans and I’m ready to raise the red flag. I m thinking of getting a nursing degree and quit all my workouts cause after a day like this, nursing school resonates in my mind with BOOT CAMP.

When was the last time YOU had to nurse somebody? Yes, stories related to diapers are allowed. (I can already feel the smell)

Her Post- 5 Things I Learned From Being A Wife

“Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned" - Mark Twain
This guy is totally right! Being a wife it s a never ending learning process, so knowing that keeps my curiosity at the highest level.

Also, being aware that I do not know everything about marriage and love allows me to take a step back and recognize that some things can't be controlled. Along the way, we both felt like staying committed and invest time in our relationship needs hard work. 
Love and marriage go together like the horse and carriage...
So here's a few things that I learned from being a wife and hopefully you ll share some more from your experiences:

1. My partener is an endless source of surprises. Do all surprises supposed to be good? I ll say no! I was surprised to find out that he sucks at buying me gifts. Skip the flowers, cause he rocks at that section. But I found a way to suggest him to I want without saying with words. I make a comment or I get very interested when passing by some earings.

2. Sometimes, I might experience jealousy on his career. I mean, I m so gratefull for his job and his supportive coworkers but there are moments when I find myself feeling sad cause I haven't find a good job yet. I quickly remind that I m still young and smart and there's like 0 chances nobody will hire me. Maybe jealousy it s a hard word anyway!

3. I m part of a new social group. One day, it just hit me! I m no longer just a college girl or a girlfriend, I m a wife and therefore I get to connect with other women like me. This new status make me appear more credible in front of people and it's kind of honoring that somebody addresses me with “ Mrs”.

4. We're like a new born cell that has to grow. I feel more responsable for my education and I m more concerned to enlarge my knowledges. Why? Because I have the desire to be the best of what I can be, in order to put a strong base of our family. We already have strong values, but I know that the two of us will accomplished more than we can ever dream.

Pay attention at your " family cell". It s more that rocket science!
5. At some point, respect has to take charge over love! I should have put this one first. I look at my neighbours, the couple with whom we're sharing an apartment and I see where the lack of respect leads. You don't know yet? First, they lie each other. He's a smoker and she doesn't know it ,and she gives money to her sister behind his back.

Then, they tend to be cruel to each other. He tells her : “ This food tastes awfull, my mother makes it better” and she sais to him : “ I gave you enough money. What am I, a bank?” ( cause she earnes most of their income). And thirdly, they don’t share their lives. She tells me everything about her work , even when I m not in the mood for this and I m not her best girlfriend either. He s more quiet and keeps things for himself.

I respect my husband enough to tell him some days that I m cranky and not capable to hear what he has to say about work. And he respects me enough to say that he needs to watch his show without my voice in his ear cause then I ll get upset because he doesn't listen.

Being a wife resembles a lot with being a college girl. In order to get satisfaction, I have to make my homeworks and be consistent!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Her Post- Why I Know For Sure That My Marriage Is Hanging On A String?

We have been married from seven months now. Seven months are a short period of time but you know what they say…You never really get to know a person, even after years of marriage !

Since we have tied the knot for less than a year now, I assume that I can t know all the deep stuff that my husband is hiding in his dark soul ( I officially made myself think at him as a serial killer…and I find it sexy).

I hope I wont end up like this one day!
The one thing I do know for sure is what makes him happy! Let’s see…He likes all fish based products, he likes to play, he likes to travel and he loves small surprises. After filming a couple of my class mates saying that I love him, as a 6 months married gift, this time I choose balloons.
I felt like kindergarten kid all again!

By this time, my lungs were as swollen as these flying cuties!

You might remember that we re temporally fall in love of animations. For this little spontaneous moment, I was inspired by one post I wrote the other days: Why is Healthy To Stare at Airplanes and Sip Cheap Wine?.

I thought it will be quick, easy and fun. BUT IT DIDN T! It was time consuming, messy and I had to come up with a plan B. My balloons were so bad at staying in the air and I almost kissed myself for buying ten of them.

I tell you, my room was a war field. I even thought squesing my butt under the bed!

When I understand there s no way my gift will last until Cosmin’s arrival home, I grabbed my phone and did some pictures. He liked it even better since he was having a busy day at work and after I e-mailed him the pictures, he was screaming in my ear a very happy “ Thank You”.

It all pays off in the end!
I love that our 7 month of marriage is now hanging on a string of balloons and will last forever!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Her Post- Are You a Gasshopper Or a Snail? 10 Great Upbeat Songs

Remember my new healthy habit? Are you moving your hairy butt enough? Think again..Well I loaded my playlist with some great songs to make my walks flew by :

What is your playlist looks like?

Are you a grasshopper or are you more of a snail when it comes to beats?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Her Post- A Healthy Recipe For Glowing Skin

Something is fishy around here, I m telling you…Cause we just made a fishy dish that smells like heaven and tastes even better. Or I just say my husband did it and I just assisted him, playing with the veggies and making trouble like a naughty child.

We had some frozen Merlucius also called silver hake and I wanted something comfy but not to heavy in my stomach. Cosmin made Baked Stuffed Hakes.

Although it s by far a time saving recipe (and pocket friendly too), we fooled around and end up spending about one and ½ hours in the kitchen. This time, he was in charge so I just did what my hubs told me: Chopped the veggies for stuffing.

Hey, it s not like I work for Good Food so you ll have to take this piece of crap art !

Carrots, onions, pieces of lemon and parsley were ready in no time. Then the fun begun. We competed against each other to see who s fish is more appealing. He won. He came up with an awesome idea. His fishes were tied around with onion rings, just like napkins. Before putting everything in a the hot oven, we wrap it in tinfoil.

Have you eating raw fish? You re acting like a monkey, get down from there!

With a preheated oven and a handy husband, this dish will be ready in less than an hour. You can skip the preheat step, even the stuffing step but you cannot ship the handy husband!

We almost inhaled our dinner. I don t recommend you do that, if you want to spare yourself of tummy aches. Besides, it s better to savor the fish the next day when all the aromas will blend more, so make sure you have leftovers.

I practically told you everything about this recipe so in order to put a spin on it, make it more fancy add some wine like Here !

Monday, March 14, 2011

Her Post- Are You Moving Your Hairy Butt Enough? Think Again.

Holy shit! This weekend flew by. We wore as busy as two grasshoppers and we had some serious fun being so. Sunny spring weather and a very kissable husband ? Sounds to me like a Win Win situation. I m kind of a moderate jealous person and I would neverrr share my partner but it all started with a women. Her name is…Holy Rigsby.

Holy s the author of the immensely popular Fit Yummy Mummy program. I found her the other day, in my researches for a new fun workout. After a couple of you tube videos of her and some “ Ohh’s” and “ Waw’s”  I stumbled upon a forgotten information.

A human being has to do an average 10.000 steps per day in order to have a healthy, active life. That s two hour of moving , without counting one s workouts. I almost swallow my tongue remembering that. So Saturday, the two of us powered through a long beautiful 6 miles walk through park.

Back pains and heart problems? No thanks. Oldies but goldies.
We made sure to fuel up our short trip with some sandwiches, protein bars and yogurt. Who knew we would share all that with a little fellow that I fall in love?

These cute dog was a "she". Two girls flirting with the camera.
 The lake was shinny and we had the opportunity to break some laws too.

He put a ring on it and know he wants to put some handcuffs to.

Poor baby ..Eating yogurt with a tiny ice cream spoon.

That s his " Are you going to eat the other cup or...?" look
 The night ended in the same active note. I had to go to an event. A sort of light Romanian version of MTV Awards. It was awesome! Most of the press guys were standing up, but I m a very brave girl so I made my way to a very comfy seat nearby celebrities. I hide my press id under my sweater and pretend like I own the seat. Nobody bothered me and I and my girlfriend, Codrina, enjoyed the show .

Celeb in disguise...or just me!
I m a concert screamer so my voice is recovering now. Unfortunately, I went dressed with the same clothes that I wore in park. Lucky me, I m not a celebrity and don t have to dress up .

You can see Holy in an interview Here. She s a Fit Mommy !

So, do you move enough or you should put a leg in front of the other more often?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Her Post- Why Is Healty To Stare At Airplanes And Sip Cheap Wine?

Rise and shine, bloggy buddies!

There s no better way I receive the spring weather in my life than this: being healthy, strong and positive. For me, my mindset is my fuel. Our brain is the most complex machine ever invented and I sure get all tangled sometimes trying to figure out how it works. I m like: “ What does this button do?”.

We recently saw “ Sanctum”, and there s one scene, when a girl panics and dies cause she cannot handle it anymore. So yes, I exaggerated a bit, but my point is no matter how much a situation sucks, I keep telling myself “ It has to be something good in it” , so I spend every second trying to see the full part of the glass. It works every single time, trust me!

Last night, we saw a film from our newest obsession category : Animations. There was a time when monsters and freaks with seven heads were all we saw but after so much blood and creepiness, we wore ready to switch on cartoons. "Up" is the most original animation movie after “ Wall-E”.

If there are tickets left, I m in for a trip !

I not gonna reveal all the funny parts to you. The story was such a great example that anything can be done if one has courage. It s about love, about pursuing your dream and about adventure.

When we saw that balloon flying house, we vividly remembered the moment we went to a field nearby our town to watch how airplanes fly off to USA or God knows where else. We drank wine from plastic cups and pretend that we re in that flight. And we will be one day. I have no doubt at all.

Sipping in red cheap wine and staring behind the fence

I m off to do some workout and then I m going to meet with my half-boss. The day will be spend running some errands and then cooking with my hubby for the rest of the week. Sunday? Church, play time in the park, day dreaming and …love!

I hope you all have a great weekend and you all day dream once in a while! It s healthy!

you can see HERE how they build the house from "UP" in real life! Told you everything is possible!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Her Post- I make breakfast than I kick his ass

The only time I almost hate my husband is in the morning.

Not All the time, but most of it. I don t recognize him and neither myself. I m a little robot. Jump off the bed right before the alarm clock went off, go to kitchen, grab things out of the fridge and start packing his lunch.

After that, I scoop a tablespoon of his “ Love Potion”( a mix of honey and pollen grain to power him through the day) , poor some warm milk into a cup and some yogurt into a small bowl beside a piece of bread, not to much and not to little, just enough to finish his yogurt. In the end, when he comes in the kitchen, the breakfast and packed lunch waits him in perfect alignment.

HE DOES NOT MAKE ME DO THAT! It s my will and I m glad that I can show my appreciation in this way. However, doing all this spares me from hearing all kind of sounds that he makes when he wakes up.

He coughs, he blows his nose, he stretches his bones, he does other things that people do in the bathroom but the bathroom door isn t enough for me. All I wish for future, when will have our own house is to sleep far far away from the bathroom.

Kicking his ass with a smile on my ogre face

My price is the fresh made bed. Cosmin does it every single morning and I love seeing a clean and airy room. I eat in the meantime, and he eats alone, while I start my day calm and quiet. He has a strange eating habit in the morning. He s the most good eater,no sipping or splurging, but in the morning he does all that and more.

 The most annoying thing is that he actually wants to Hug me ! Badly! He literally chasses me around the house for some attention. I suck it up and receive the hug, two kisses and some cuddling feeling like I m the Grinch or something. Despite all this, he still thinks I m a Superwoman and loves me!

What s the funny part? The moment he walks out the door I miss him and I call him to say that and I swear myself not to repeat that..And a new day comes!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Her Post- Celebrating Me and millions of women

Happy Women s day to me and to you, ladies that read my blog! Today is 8 March so in most parts of Europe , this day is dedicated to all women. I look forward to see what kind of flowers I ll receive today, but I ll enjoy it no matter what.

Today I plan to:

1. Tell myself 3 good things about me that are NOT physical.
2. Say something nice about other two women either it s about their hair colour or their sense of humor.
3. Take a moment to cherish this day and to be aware that, in this very moment, I Breath the same time with other amazing creatures, just like me. I belong to a community, a very unique one. I m  a Women!

 Words are useless when comes to what God s has made! All I know is that it s a crime to hate our bodies, to distrusts our instincts or to disbelieve our purpose in life. Because when we do that, we hate/distrusts/disbelieve God. We show Him that his art is just a piece of chopped wood that comes alive.

I, more that others, made myself suffer. I let others made me suffer. I let them, meaning they hurt me because I allowed them to. It s not about beauty or about kindness. It s about LOVE and FAITH. The two single things that should matter.

I love life, I have faith that God it s right beside me and I love what He does with me every day.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Her Post- Bitten by the bug

When you believe that times can t go harder than that, another rock hits you right in middle of your…belly ( in my case). Maybe you think that my lack of writing was a short, relaxing and happy break. In fact, I spend more than 4 days laying in bed. When I wasn t sleeping, I was crouching on the toilet.

No more details, don t worry! I have for you just two words: Stomach bug! Even writing it feels painful. No appetite, major lack of energy, excruciating stomach pain, fever and another symptom that it s kind of disgusting to touch the subject. Let s just say I m as empty on the inside as a can of Diet Coke after being in the hands of an anorexic model.

                                                                   I really don t think " he' was that cute!

Once again, my husband was the one who lighted my path all along. He didn t hesitate to rushed in the middle of the night to the drug store and even went along to do groceries, went to church and made me something to eat. That ugly bug whipped me up, but today I m 90% recover and my hunger is back!

Enough with bitter memories. Between stomach bug episode and getting better I managed to read a bit from a new blog. It s called www.household6diva.com and I was fascinated when I discovered it.

Never once I thought that being an army wife it s that complicated. She s very good a being a mommy and a wife, jobs very hard on itselfs. But the status of army wife brings things on a hole new level. I would be in tears all the time, my house would be on fire and my kids would grow in trees if I had to live that live.

                                  A small flower to show appreciation for you and the millions of wifes like you.

I m really not that strong. All I hope for is that those man REALLY appreciate their wives cause, at this point, I have no clue what job it s more demanding and burdensome: being a soldier or being his wife?

What is your opinion? Could you be that women? Could you be that dedicated to your love?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Her Post- Can I have some cheese with this whine?

I m sick. That s it. That s all I have to say to you. Now, put that basket of goodies on my night table and let me sleep ( like I have been doing in the last 24 hours) ! Don t take me serious..I m just rambling due to fever.

                                                     Thank God I have someone to hold my hand !

Maybe my luck went of the window or maybe I have a course on me, but I can swear the past 2 days were pure hell. I could barely stand on my feet and went to school only for a couple of hours. I had no appetite and no strength for even a light workout. Going to the bathroom and back to bed feel like an supernatural effort. Today however, my body started to recover a little bit.

A few things work very well when I catch a cold and I want to share them.

1. Brush your teeth . It may not seem a lot, but trust me on this one. Millions of germs are hanging out in your throat and mouth so by cleaning your teeth they ll fall over their backs like a set of ninepins. Further more, I recently found that this easy peasy habit can cut heart disease risk. Who ever said that simple things make major changes was certainly right!

                                                       A fresh breath and a strog heart!

2. Stick to the yellow-green zone. Yogurt and cream cheese is all I have been eating these days. BUT greens and lemons are really my friends when I m feeling like a squash tomato. I had some peas and salad and I have been drinking lemonade as if we re running out of water.

3. Vinegar. Your pantry is a hidden drug store . The smell can cut my nose in half,but I m willing to suck it up and soak myself in vinegar if that will lose up my fever. Cosmin gave me a hard massage with vinegar and then fold me in blankets, to keep warm. I sat there like a mexican wrap for more than an hour and felt ten time better after. My husband loves me, but he I think he had no trouble rubbing my back, pulling and pushing my skin, giving me little back punches as he massage me!

      I sure know he loves me

The list is longer than that but I can t type anymore. Next time when you ll nave runny nose, a headache and you ll feel like a mushy porridge, please make sure to upgrade it!

What works best when you catch a cold? Do you prefer drugs or home made remedies will do the trick?