Monday, December 27, 2010

Her Post-If you have lemons…you can even make Bloody Mary

Now, the above title is less important. That’s just my favorite quote and I change it a little bit . I may not be the smartest person or the bravest, but a thing I know for sure : You have to have guts! Most people are afraid all their lives. Afraid of being moked if they make a remark , afraid of being rejected if they ask that One girl for a date or…..afraid of being disappointed if they dare to Dream !

It take s one to know one .I’m an observer of the human condition and I had my own struggles with negative thinking. Cause, this my friends is the bottom line : The Negativism “hunts “ us all the time.

Optimism it’s all about guts ! It’s a daily state of mind, scientifically proven to get you happier, healthier and even enjoyable for those who surround you. Who ever tells you that positive thinking is just a lousy excuse not to deal with the reality, he is just pulling your leg . The reality is that it’s a lot way harder to be creative and do some serious changes around than being a couch potato.

You have to climb a mountain every day. Well gues what? There’s two of us. Why not put a smile on your face, take a deep breathe and enjoy the view. You actually might see something beautiful besides those hard rocks. This way of thinking gives us possibilities. In order to be an optimist, you have to consciously act like one. Make full of your clumsiness, laugh of your bad balance and so on. Be kind with yourself, give it a break. After that, you’re up to take some decisions. Go for horse riding classes to improve that balance, or do some crafting with your kinds. Positive thinking comes from the fact that one knows he can change everythink, nothing is for ever. He can be better, faster, handier etc.

I m not gonna lie. Keep it flexible. You know, with the optimism part. Don t get trap in a“ Oh-so-goood” situation, cause then, life’s gonna smack your face. If the weather is nasty, you have to be realistic and cancel that Haiti plain ticket. An imaginary doctor would give the following recipe: Three parts optimism and one part negativism dissolved in a glass of water to drink daily. Till bottom.

Take a glimpse at any pacient’s routine. Is he really committed to that freaking treatment? Quite opposite, but he does his best to keep the track of pills. So, no, you don’t have to stick to the “Optimistic Diet “ forever, but still, make some time to brighten up your life.

Friday, November 26, 2010

His Post-And the Hardest Part

        And the hardest part was letting go not taking part…… was the hardest part…! That ai’nt gonna happen, because sticking to “it”, and beliving in you even when no one else ever did is all that matters, and besides , failure is not an option.  Dreams do come true and we are the only ones responsible of making sure they do. In life is all a matters of perspective, because all it matters is the way you look at “it” and later the projection of “it” will define you and your life.  For us “it” Is a Fact. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Her Post- Morning Routine and Second thoughts

        He does'nt like doing the dishes and I know it very well. Yet, he insists that he does it every night and  after dinner he spares me from my nightmare. He slowly pushes my back to the door and tells me to go and rest or study. Also, he reminds me not to forget to make him something for breakfast tomorrow morning. And I sometimes don’t bother the next morning cause I m sleppy and grumpy. Cosmin shakes his head and make his own meal and still kisses me when he goes to work. I think that's love, right?

       Not the big presents or the kisses in front on parent and friends just to show off, but the daily routine moments give me a sense of Cosmin’s love. I wonder how does he sees me ? And after he shuts the door I fell sorry not keeping my promise and I start thinking that something could go wrong that day. A car incindent or whatever. I know, I'm a female and I m naturraly protective but can't help it.
       I wish I have a stamp to print on his rough heart my message : “ Your always in my mind ... “. Not that I love him, cause he's an easy loveble man. Instead, he's in my mind, my subconsciouness, and I care for him much than for me . My personality could be called multiple, because it isn't just one of me, we are two..Cos and Andreea.
       When a decision has to be made, he ' the little angel in my mind and I'm the devil. Clearly, my guidance in life comes from him, a superior spirit than mine. I m much egocentric and self conscious.
       When you'll finish reading this, please take a moment to remember the reasons you love your husband or girlfriend.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

His Post- News Flash. JUST MARRIED.

Long time no see, 2 months and 10 days to be more exactly since the last time we put our thoughts on “paper”.  Won’t happen again! On the 15 of August (on the same day we met 5 years ago), we shiverly walked acompaniated  by our family in the registry court and  joined our destines in front of the law.  It was the happiest moment of our life and by far the biggest emotions we ever had. We feel more like family now ready to take a bite of our future and make sure it’s very tasty. Somehow we feel more close to our dream and we know that this decision  is just another step forward to fulfilling our second part of the dream: to become an American family. Somehow,  we wished that on the background to be and a American flag, to bad that could’nt be possible.
The future is in front of us
Excercising for the next big step.
Love...loove...looooooove :)
Al papers are made, no way back for any of us :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Her Post-Other dark holes

We didn’t knew what harmony means. We might have seen it in other families, our neigbours, our colleagues. He grow up hearing how his drunk father was yelling at him, his mother and sister, and sometimes physical violence was involved. Not the proper treatment for a child, ha’ ? Cosmin’s life was a chaos.

Mine too, if remember how me and mother lived with grandpa’s. No father at all, as he decided not to know me and left us even before my birth. Never ever knew him, although we live at maximum fifty miles appart. They, my grandparents, used to shout at me “ We should have left you at the orphanage, that’s the place for a brat like you ! “ My mother tried to rebuild her private life and to move avay, but they always had something to comment about the man she chosse. Indeed, she rarely made good choices. The first guy was nice and brought a doll the same hight as me. He than start to overprotect with my mother, telling her not to talk with other men, not to be near the opposite sex. The gealousy was hard to endure. The next one, was a married man. She find out later, when his wife revealed their marriage. I didn’t liked him eighter… And so on, till she found herself lonely and fourty, without her parents to boss her around, managing her life, guiding her (in a negative way).

Later she met a man, who divorced for her. They now have an odd marriage, cause bouth of them have their dramas. I’m almost out of this ecuation, and we keep in touch just to say hello and to send me money till I have a job. I barely remember I have a mom. Cooking is a major passion, but I learnead it from books, Tv or blogs, not from her.

Apparently, none of us knows the definition of harmony, but we make it work and we try to fill that gap , the place where it supposed to be the memories, vacation with families, picnics, laughing , joy, and parenting love.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

His Post-Wanted dead or alive

     How many of you take a lot of things for granted? How many of you don't know what privilege is to be American citizen?

I for example, i'am willing to struggle my entire life to be able to have what others take for granted. Just like many of African childs that their struggle is for the common water, water that we all take for granted. Ever thought of this while you are drining water?

If i could use a motto, then it would have to be something like that "American citizenship wanted dead or alive". And God help us i just know that one day, one day in the future we will be real tax payers.

Anyone who is able to give us some real advices about how to become american citizens is more then welcome to contact us.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Her Post-Life out of the box

We are not special at all. If you take us individualy, you’ll see that it’s no sparkle at all. But God brought us togheder and that’s a very special package. Yes, I kind of like the comparisons.

When I think how our marriage will be, a weird and funny image pops into my mind . You know those boxes, very brightfull, very colorfull, whitch seem to be empty but once you open them a little clown comes out into your face. That’s it! That’s what we are.

A relation like that just has to be playfull and sincere like the smile of the clown. Now, the puppet has an arch stick to his but. That means nothing’s stabile, not the bad days , not the good days, but we will have to cope one with each other and find a balance.

Untill today, our life has been spontaneous. One day we were having no home, no jobs, the next day we re have both and more. We grow up togeder, teaching what love really means and we learn from every fight. We still do. ..Fight. But at the end of the day, he knows I was able to risk my life for his love, and I know he gave up to the confort of his family for to be togheter

Friday, May 7, 2010

His Post-Imagine That

             I don't know how many of you ever stopped for a minute of your daily routine and stared even for a short matter of time at those magnificent views sourrounding you, but out there are some like us that invented a new kind of tourism, just like window shopping we called it "imagine that". For all of you that we need to remind what an incredible views you have, and for all of you that take it all for granted we give you a short tour of your own country. Imagine that.... 

                                        could visit the Statue of Liberty from up in the air.

     ... you coould rest near the Golden Gate                         could watch an americcan footbal
        and enjoy the fresh breeze                                                            match on a true American arena


 could go fishing in places
you haven't even   dreamed of                                                                
                    could admire incredible arhitecture
in the heart of the modern cities


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             could see  the nature's rare sculptures could witness the city midnight sunrise.
                                                   Now stop imaginating ... and enjoy your life!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Her Post - "Panda" Friendly

     Life isn’t like a box of chocolate. Those chocolates makes you happy for a blink of an eye, but makes you guitly for a whole month.

     Life it’s like a panda bear would took you a picture. Just like that. Is awkward, funny and you can’t help asking…”What’s the point?”. The point is , no matter how awkward it gets, you must learn to enjoy the experience, with patience. Don’t you dare moving all around that fkg chair. Stop mumbling about the fact that is taking to much time. It has to, in order to make a good memory. Now put a humongous smile on your face, whip your wet nose and look into the camera. It wont hurt, I swear on my grandpa’s glasses. And those are some awesome glasses for a little old man.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

His Post-The Wannabe

Many romanians live in USA and many have blogs where they write in romanian, so i'm gonna be the only one that lives in Romania but writes in english. And for those of you that don’t even know where this weird place is, I have drawn to you a small map. And by the way, the distance between “us” and “you” is about… ..10569,17 Km or 6567,38 Miles. So hold on, because it’s gonna be a rough and long journey.