Monday, December 27, 2010

Her Post-If you have lemons…you can even make Bloody Mary

Now, the above title is less important. That’s just my favorite quote and I change it a little bit . I may not be the smartest person or the bravest, but a thing I know for sure : You have to have guts! Most people are afraid all their lives. Afraid of being moked if they make a remark , afraid of being rejected if they ask that One girl for a date or…..afraid of being disappointed if they dare to Dream !

It take s one to know one .I’m an observer of the human condition and I had my own struggles with negative thinking. Cause, this my friends is the bottom line : The Negativism “hunts “ us all the time.

Optimism it’s all about guts ! It’s a daily state of mind, scientifically proven to get you happier, healthier and even enjoyable for those who surround you. Who ever tells you that positive thinking is just a lousy excuse not to deal with the reality, he is just pulling your leg . The reality is that it’s a lot way harder to be creative and do some serious changes around than being a couch potato.

You have to climb a mountain every day. Well gues what? There’s two of us. Why not put a smile on your face, take a deep breathe and enjoy the view. You actually might see something beautiful besides those hard rocks. This way of thinking gives us possibilities. In order to be an optimist, you have to consciously act like one. Make full of your clumsiness, laugh of your bad balance and so on. Be kind with yourself, give it a break. After that, you’re up to take some decisions. Go for horse riding classes to improve that balance, or do some crafting with your kinds. Positive thinking comes from the fact that one knows he can change everythink, nothing is for ever. He can be better, faster, handier etc.

I m not gonna lie. Keep it flexible. You know, with the optimism part. Don t get trap in a“ Oh-so-goood” situation, cause then, life’s gonna smack your face. If the weather is nasty, you have to be realistic and cancel that Haiti plain ticket. An imaginary doctor would give the following recipe: Three parts optimism and one part negativism dissolved in a glass of water to drink daily. Till bottom.

Take a glimpse at any pacient’s routine. Is he really committed to that freaking treatment? Quite opposite, but he does his best to keep the track of pills. So, no, you don’t have to stick to the “Optimistic Diet “ forever, but still, make some time to brighten up your life.