Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Her Post-Other dark holes

We didn’t knew what harmony means. We might have seen it in other families, our neigbours, our colleagues. He grow up hearing how his drunk father was yelling at him, his mother and sister, and sometimes physical violence was involved. Not the proper treatment for a child, ha’ ? Cosmin’s life was a chaos.

Mine too, if remember how me and mother lived with grandpa’s. No father at all, as he decided not to know me and left us even before my birth. Never ever knew him, although we live at maximum fifty miles appart. They, my grandparents, used to shout at me “ We should have left you at the orphanage, that’s the place for a brat like you ! “ My mother tried to rebuild her private life and to move avay, but they always had something to comment about the man she chosse. Indeed, she rarely made good choices. The first guy was nice and brought a doll the same hight as me. He than start to overprotect with my mother, telling her not to talk with other men, not to be near the opposite sex. The gealousy was hard to endure. The next one, was a married man. She find out later, when his wife revealed their marriage. I didn’t liked him eighter… And so on, till she found herself lonely and fourty, without her parents to boss her around, managing her life, guiding her (in a negative way).

Later she met a man, who divorced for her. They now have an odd marriage, cause bouth of them have their dramas. I’m almost out of this ecuation, and we keep in touch just to say hello and to send me money till I have a job. I barely remember I have a mom. Cooking is a major passion, but I learnead it from books, Tv or blogs, not from her.

Apparently, none of us knows the definition of harmony, but we make it work and we try to fill that gap , the place where it supposed to be the memories, vacation with families, picnics, laughing , joy, and parenting love.

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