Monday, May 17, 2010

Her Post-Life out of the box

We are not special at all. If you take us individualy, you’ll see that it’s no sparkle at all. But God brought us togheder and that’s a very special package. Yes, I kind of like the comparisons.

When I think how our marriage will be, a weird and funny image pops into my mind . You know those boxes, very brightfull, very colorfull, whitch seem to be empty but once you open them a little clown comes out into your face. That’s it! That’s what we are.

A relation like that just has to be playfull and sincere like the smile of the clown. Now, the puppet has an arch stick to his but. That means nothing’s stabile, not the bad days , not the good days, but we will have to cope one with each other and find a balance.

Untill today, our life has been spontaneous. One day we were having no home, no jobs, the next day we re have both and more. We grow up togeder, teaching what love really means and we learn from every fight. We still do. ..Fight. But at the end of the day, he knows I was able to risk my life for his love, and I know he gave up to the confort of his family for to be togheter

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