Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Her Post - "Panda" Friendly

     Life isn’t like a box of chocolate. Those chocolates makes you happy for a blink of an eye, but makes you guitly for a whole month.

     Life it’s like a panda bear would took you a picture. Just like that. Is awkward, funny and you can’t help asking…”What’s the point?”. The point is , no matter how awkward it gets, you must learn to enjoy the experience, with patience. Don’t you dare moving all around that fkg chair. Stop mumbling about the fact that is taking to much time. It has to, in order to make a good memory. Now put a humongous smile on your face, whip your wet nose and look into the camera. It wont hurt, I swear on my grandpa’s glasses. And those are some awesome glasses for a little old man.

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