Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Her Post- My Plan To Fight Fear and Win

This post was meant to be about why I’m not an average girl, something light and funny, just enough to put a smile on your face in a middle of the week day. Turns out...It's a little more serious!

Today it is all about making a Plan. It’s not just a Plan, it’s a commitment. Today I let go of Fear. This horrible, sneaky, two-faces feeling that haunts me every single moment and crawls into my mind whenever times are getting harder. Fear is what keeps us distant of Him. Do you consider yourself a believer, a man who trust in God and recognized Him as a Superior Force?? And why do you still fear?

My tendency is to underestimate...Yes, we are so small and yet so capable to do big things.

In order to be fearless, I have to let Him take care of me. Being a scare little mouse offends God, because it is like I totally ignore his power…He said it before: I will never leave you, nor to forsake you. (see Hebrews 13:5).

So from this day, I make a commitment to God and to myself to banish Fear and doubt from my life. I am not going to fear anymore of not finding the right job, but I’ll try to do my best applying and searching with optimism and faith. I refuse to struggle anymore, I refuse to deny His will.

God is playfull. Blind man's bluff is his favorite game. Don't be shy, do not fear!

My never endless steps Plan is:
  • Make a little God box ( nope, this is not my idea) where I’ll write everything that worries me in that moment and let Him deal with my complains.

  • Be gratefull each day. I’ll make a conscious effort to name thing for which I am gratefull, even smaller ones.

  • Take action. I’ll try to do my best for maximizing my chances in terms of a career. Applying, searching, reading and creating new mass media content will be on the top of the “ To do’s”.

  • Visualising my Job. For many, this step is against all I’ve wrote above. I firmly believe that the more you fill yourself with joy and good thoughts, the more He has room to interfere. People visualize not because they believe in a magical formula, but because this is God’s tool as well.

  • Keep track of my feelings. This is huge. It means hard work and the strength to push away Fear.

 Do you have a certain Plan or do you want to get rid of something that makes you feel vulnerable?


  1. Very inspirational post. And you're absolutely right. Having fear and doubt, only limits our potential. And that would be a shame.

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