Saturday, May 28, 2011

Her post- Nothing beats a good cry

Hi, everybody! Let me apologize for the hell of a mess I have been lately due to some …situations.

First of all, God has given to all women out there a special gift that supposed to help us make babies. But since I’m not planning to give birth any time soon, it’s all about copping with the nerve racks of PMS. Secondly, I’m just one month away from my Final. Sleep problems, weight loss and emotional instability are key words these days. Think of me like at a chameleon. Now I’m ok and I can carry a conversation, next moment you may step aside, otherwise you will drown in my tears.

I tried everything from eating loads of sugar to watching Rio, but in the end, nothing beats a good cry session. I shoved my head into hubs arms and went for it. The result was moist and mushy and his t-shirt went straight in the washing machine. Yuck! And Yuhuuu! My chest felt less congested, my eyes got a good nice polish and I slept last night like a baby, despite that mean full moon.

I've heard that pole dancing workout it's a stress reliever...Ouch, my back hurts!

My husband may not be the ideal husband for you ( I prefer it that way), but I’m willing to rent his services for a day or two per month when you have the impression that the world it’s a bad place and even the ice cream lost the magical effect on you. He can rub your back, wipe your tears and put a smile on your face in a heartbeat. In return, he’ll ask for this:

God damn you, Ben Ten! You are like men's " Sex in the City"

And this ...

He brought heath at a new dimension. Cauliflower florets instead of chips and popcorn?

And if you need further sessions, you can easily trick him with ….

Remote controlled electric airplane


  1. Sometimes a good cry is what one needs. Glad it made you feel better.

  2. Ugh. Sounds like you have plenty of things stressing you out. Glad you have your husband. ;)