Saturday, May 14, 2011

Her Post- Friday Theatre Night and God's wink

Hi, there! I hope you all have been waiting this weekend. I know we did, cause tomorrow hubs is going to help me remember how to ride a bike. You see, when it comes to balance , I’m a mess. C. says there are 70% chances that I can get back on track in no time.

The only way to find out is by counting all my bruises in the end. For some people are the hands and for some is the face, but in my case the legs are the one thing that tells you how my live have been so far.

I'm sure you can spot some bruises in this picture taken last summer.

I have scars from childhood when I fell from a tree, I have marks from the time when some glasses fell over my right leg and I have recent bruises from my static bicycle. Never did something to get rid of them, but I heard that adding oranges into your diet help bruises heal more quickly due to vitamin C.

Sometimes, it's better to trust somebody who has little brain and spends days chasing his tail .

Anyway, beside getting hurt, I also know how to enjoy a night with hubs. Yesterday night, we went to see a theatre show, called “ Trouble at The Opera” . Funny thing, the action took place in Cleveland, Ohio. The play was a comedy and we continued to laugh all the way back home, wondering why we stopped going the theatre in the first place.

Being such a Drama Queen, I loved everything about last night performace !

Now, we are literarly walking on air. This morning, C.was on his way out to work (Saturaday's part time schedule) and I was watching the morning news. I didn't even pay much attention to it. Then it hit me. A young female anchor anounced that :

The Lottery Visa winners are no longer valid due to a computer programming problem, the results of the 2012 Diversity Lottery that were previously posted on website have been voided.  They were not valid and were posted in error.  Therefore, a new selection process will be conducted based on the original entries for the 2012 program !!

Oh, man ! These are some serious good news for us. You can read more about the desillusion of not having our name on the winner's list HERE. Maybe God isn't busy anymore !

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