Sunday, May 1, 2011

Her Post- The reason Nancy Sinatra should be affraid of me

Cause I know how to use a gun, baby!

I did it, I finally did it! My publication was invited to join a Press Gun Shoot Competition, so yesterday morning woke up feeling like a million dollar girl, for no reason at all. I was short in time and I came up with a Mixed Workout that looked like this:

30 bird dog each side with dumbbells
30 back lunge and twist
30 squat , front raise dumbbells and then pull weights behind
20 reach under side plank with a dumbells
30 demi plie bicep curl
25 Single leg deadlift with dumb.

                                                             20 windshield wiper each side
                                                             25 spider plank
                                                             20 walking plank
                                                             30 raised clams with ankle weights
                                                             20 wood chop

I took me 43 minutes and I did break a sweat, which was my main goal!

Then, it was time to go. Little did I knew what was about to happen. The Police Academy is located somewhere nearbie a forest, and even I have movement sick, the car trip was smooth thanks to the view.

Ready, fire!

They received us with loaded guns, just like they supposed to, but I got a little intimidated by the dozen of cops standing before me. Each journalist had a “teacher”. Mine was a graduated college girl, a future police officer, that totally made me outshine with her beauty. Beside being so damn pretty, the young woman was patience enough to tech me the basics of a shooting gun.

And that's how I have my back covered in case I ever get a parking ticket!

Believe me when I say that Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis are two very good actors, cause they tricked us to believe that loading a gun is easy. Pointy, shinny and golden, like jewelries ,bullets gave me a hard time. I almost break a sweat trying to get some of it in the gun magazine.

When it was time to put some holes in our fake enemy, faith played a little game with me. It was blood all over my white furry vest and I was in deep pain. The reason? Since my adrenaline was all over the moon, I ripped a small piece of skin from my cuticle that was bugging me. You might remember about my nail problems from this post A bad bad habit!

Winston Churchill
"This is no time for ease and comfort. It is the time to dare and endure"

Needless to say that they put the whole event on hold because of me. But just for 2 minutes, no more. You would think that the men of law have no idea how to fix a bleeding wound. They proved me the opposite. The colonel himself pulled out of his pocket a little bottle of antibacterial spray, a small box o salve and some bandage adhesive bandage and fixed my finger in no time.

I present you my saviour! Behind this tough guy attitude, he's a joker and a good leader.

I was like a blind owl without my glasses on, but still managed to get 29 of 30 points after the first session of shoots. I could hear Nancy Sinatra singing to me “ Bang , bang” …The competition was won by a pro in this area and I couldn’t be more happy for him .

My purpose was very clearly: Enjoy the experience, Don’t compare with nobody and Score one shoot right.

See those juicy fruits over there? I sneaked one pear and one orange into my bag for hubs.
Last time he was in town, I had a piece of pizza :).

After that, we all been invited to have some drinks and appetizers at their cafeteria.

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