Sunday, May 22, 2011

Her Post- Make the best of a fight and own it!

I say tomato, he says potato. That’s how we roll it sometimes. We re not the kind of couple that can last weeks without arguing, but what works for them may not work for us. And it really doesn’t.

As you can remember HERE, he’s an Aries and I’m a Scorpio. Needless to say, fireworks definitely happen how and then and they are not out of joy. I find nothing to be ashamed in walking away in the middle of the street if that means stopping an argue. 90% of time we end up pretty quickly together, laughing and making fun of our immaturity.

Shoshhhmolsghj, munfff snifllensn......

If Saturday things were laid back ( we cooked and took an evening walk), Sunday Faith wanted to have fun. Bicycle lessons were on our list, but hubs got a little grumpy ever before waking up. His morning snoring broke my sweet dreams and there I was, sitting in my butt, half opened-eyes, forced to listen the most horrible “ song”. My plan? Shake it, baby! So I did. I started shaking him back and forth and when that failed I turned to little back punches. That worked. The snoring stopped, but so my lessons.

I have no pitty for him. God bless the woman who did this.I hope she can have some quiet.

“ You never let me sleep! What’s with the back punches? And why a man can’t have a decent sleep in his own bed? I’m cancelling our morning plans, go ahead and figure something else, cause I need more sleep .”

Did you pay attention at his First words?? Sleepy people tend to be very…uncommunicative since they are with one foot in Dream land. So I did that. I packed some snacks and my jumping rope and left the house cat style. Meanwhile, my battery phone got dead. I spend a couple of hours outside, walking or sitting on grass, reading a cheesy magazine while munching an apple.

Draw a line in the middle of the screen. Second plan view: Hubs gets up, gets angry because I’m not there and gets out. He meets with a friend, they hang around and comes back when hunger kicks in, just in time to find me squeezing a tear at “ No strings attached”. We try to ignore each other for like 5 minutes, but Love Wins every time , right?

Kiss  Kiss  Hurray!!

Fights are like bitter sweets chocolate. Bitterness comes first, you almost wanna spit it out, then the sweetness spreads into your mouth and you want it to last longer before going down to your throat, leaving a silky, smooth texture .

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  1. I like how you both went on independently with your day (despite the underlying anger) and then finally came together in a lover's embrace.