Monday, May 16, 2011

Her Post- The Day I Had My Soul On Wheels

Hope you all have a better day than me. Mondays are not the devil for me , but today my body wants to rest and just take it slowly. The other night was a full moon night. Me and hubs were turning and tossing in bed like two sausages on a grill, so maybe that’s the main reason of my bad mood.

At least we both had a great weekend. Saturday we had to restock our oh-so-empty fridge. The grocery list included brussel sprouts (obviously), 2% yogurt, milk, whole wheat bread, kiwi, a chicken breast, potatoes, eggs, tuna and others (and my “ Once a week” Diet Pepsi, but give me a break). We also had plenty of tme to do laundry and then watch Will Smith in " I, Robot". Tell me one single person who doesn't LOVE Will?


Sunday was even great. Since I’m naturally a morning person, hubs had get up earlier than usual and once we had everything packed we headed to a nearby park for some bicycle lessons . I am not gonna lie, I was mortified. Seeing all those little children with their fancy smancy bicycles made me realize that I’m not going to be 80 years old and still not knowing to ride a bike.

'Cause mami's a rider, and I'm a roller / Put us together, how they gon' stop both us?'
(Bonnie & Clyde )

C. is the best teacher ever and I knew that. He was kind enough to run beside me and give pieces of advice. Finally, I’m proud to say that I didn’t fall, not even once and by the time we had to return the bike, my little soul felt free and confident on wheels. 

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