Friday, April 22, 2011

Her Post- Chronicle of an Easter Picnic Foretold

Can you tell we are doing the Easter cleaning even on our virtual house? We want to divide the " Her" and "His" posts, so you guys can easily find whatever you want to check. We're slowly getting there!

Meanwhile... We are planning an Easter picnic, tomorow morning ! Flowers, baloons, colourful plates and some great snancks are waiting to be packed. I even made a customize invitation for you:

OMG!! I wrote " Eastear" !! Well, it will be our little secret, right?

I used to make to much food for Easter and by the time it was over we were stuck with unwanted leftovers. This year, we choose to keep it simple. I'm thinking something like

Walnut Bruscheta

Eggplant apettizer

Since Cosmin works today, I'll have to do most of the food by myself . I will still save the best part of the preparations for tonight. Dying eggs can be very messy, but my hubs is far more carefull than me and loves everything that envolves crafting. To make the eggs more appealing, we use parsley leaves or band tape which can create unique patterns.

Before starting my cooking marathon, I have to pay a visit to the groceries store. The list includes:

1. Red bell pepers
2. Chesse
3. Raisins
4. Sour Cream

Wish me luck! I hope I won't get smacked by some crazy lady who thinks that her shopping cart is some kind of coat of arm and she must fight with me for a last piece of orange. In this time of the year, groceries shops are so crowded that one has to say a prayer before leaving home.

All in all, life is good and I get to celebrate the ressurection of Jesus with my husband, sane and happy!

Did you planned something special for this Easter?

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