Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Her Post- Don’t Be A Drag, Just Be A Queen

Boy, oh boy. There were days when I was bored and just wanted to be busy, to “have a life”. Little did I knew, those days were given to enjoy not complain about.

That bottle's not mine...I just hold on to it, fearing that I was going to fall over!

Today, I feel like I have no time to spare. Instead, I can barely sleep, not because I have insomnia, but because I’m constantly thinking about what to do next. Being a wife, a graduate student, a blogger and a part-time journalist leaves me, sometimes, drained.

But enough with the “Drag” inside me, let’s talk about the “ Queen” that hides underneath all those layers of whining .I rarely feel like a real queen when I’m all by myself. On the other hand, my husband knows what does make me feel like one.

You see, men are always saying that women don’t know how to take compliments.

When He sais: “ Your hair smells so good”…

She responds: “ It’s no big deal, I just washed it like usual”

I was one of those not very grateful ladies!

When I met my husband , I recognized a modern gentleman. He had ( and still has it) the capacity to kiss my hand and open a door and bring flowers without seeming old fashioned or a wimp. He does all that like it’s his second nature, effortless.

So, having this guy around, made me conscious about my value. I mean, hey, I may be an average girl, with an average hair and a not so average high, but for my hubs, I’m the Only Girl In the World, like Rihanna would say.

I cherish every sweet word and little flower I receive, even if it’s not a special day. From trees, public gardens, private gardens, parks and God know where else from, he gave me love in the form of flowers.

Here’s a some of my “ perfumed little treasures”.

 Are You a Drag or a Queen? How do you handle compliments?

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  1. Awww, he sounds amazing. Good for you for nabbing yourself a great man. I have one myself, and trust me when he gives me a compliment I take it; mainly because they're far and few between. See I learned the hard way that I needed to accept the nice things he says. I question it so much, he decided not to do it anymore. So now I miss it, and when he does say something sweet I totally appreciate it, and he appreciates that about me. :)