Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Her Post - The reason Japanese live longer and it's not because they know Kung FU

Sunday we went all the way till Japan.

We have loved to take a real trip to The Land Of Rising Sun and witness the great show of cherry blossomed season. You’re probably sick and tired of me sharing my passion for nature, so I figured it out that One more post on this theme isn’t a big deal. Right?

Saturday, was my active rest day. After church, we went to our favorite park. It wasn’t a particularly sunny day, but we wanted to spend some quality time together, since we both have to study for our exams.

As we entered in the park, a warmer light made its way through clouds. With no specific route in our mind, we were prepared to just move until our legs dropped. Fortunately, it wasn’t the case. I turned my head and there it was…The Japanese Garden.

They seemed very absorbed, but do not let them full you. I bet they were ready to a one on one fight for some good CO2.

A small garden surrounded by a small fence, with small paths to walk on. Are japanese people that small?? And what do you get when you put together a nice weather and some blossomed trees? A bunch of couples that had their own tree to laid down and just…kiss. There was some sort of unspoken rule that the last people who arrived must find another tree.

We spotted a good one and laid down over our jackets. Soon after, we did some pictures and enjoyed our snacks, while taking a light tan.

Poor Buddha. He looks like he lost like 20 pounds of belly fat and he now poses like  a drug dealer:
" This stuff is good, I can smell it"

My sammie was stuffed with salad, tomatoes and melted cheese. Just like japanese eat.

How about you? Did you get to see the real deal?

Did you know?

  • Cherry blossoms are deeply embedded in Japanese culture, and this is reflected on the face of the 100-yen coin, which depicts cherry blossoms
  • After enjoying the cherry blossoms visually, you might want to see what they taste like. A great many culinary delights are produced in Japan using cherry blossoms, including confections with cherry blossom motifs, cherry blossom teas, and cuisine that incorporates the flavor of cherry blossoms
  • All though cherry blossoms are typically pink or white, there are also unusual varieties that flower in green and yellow.

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