Monday, April 25, 2011

Her Post- Red riding hood and her not so evil wolf went on a picnic

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn would have been proud of us

These days were days of pure joy and I say this from deep down my heart. It was just the two of us, no family or friends. Since our home town is too far away, exams are waiting us around the corner and our neighbors went at their parents, we thought this is a great opportunity to explore the nearbies of Bucharest. We had a picnic.

Starting a picnic fire it's like starting a relationship. You can never tell if it will last enough.

I was in charge with most of the preparation, but once we got there, my husband grilled the chicken and mushrooms skewers. We serve it with fresh cucumber, black olives, feta cheese and hard boiled eggs. We also brought sodas and water and a very flavored ginger beer to share.

Thank God our backpaks wore light weighted cause we had to walk like it was our job.

The wood was packed of people trying to find a spot for their barbeque. Our picnic neighbors wore kind enough to borrow us the only thing we forgot to bring …Matches. Yep, we are the dummies that go fishing without a molten or swimming without bathing suits.

The gatekeeper of the barbeque
Real ants and printed ones met on a tree.

Hubs hanged the picnic invitation that we printed ( the one with a spelling error!) above our heads with some toothpicks, while I played the same song in my head: meat, onion, mushroom, bell pepper, meat.

I can make a pile of skewers like nobody's business.

Hot, steamy and ready to be eaten.

In the end, the skewers looked quite yummy. By the time barbeque was ready, I was almost ravenous and my manners went out the window.

Would you give me a break so I can dig in like an ogre?

We both agreed that all the work paid off when the first bite was taken. On a daily basis, we can be pretty talkative. This time, words couldn’t describe the taste ! Then, it was time to play some badminton, before packing up an handing home.

Those were taken a day before, in the park. They call us " The guffy team" cause we have one rule: Have fun.

The rest of the night was spend resting in bed, like two grandpas.


  1. Yum. Those skewers look divine!

  2. Well, thak you ! I m glad i nail it!

    I saw you blog and it seem we are muck alike. You have a handsome guy that loves you, a fun blog and a bitchy eating desorder that you mopped the floor whit...Just like me!