Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Post-How It Beggins

If not true yet, we know it in our hearts it will soon be Our Journey. Starting point:

West Fargo

      We think that there’s no better choice than this little town to start our adventure across the States. You may have heard something about West Fargo, but we guarantee you that there is more than meets the eye .

     We arrived in town(from nowhere),Saturday around 8 am. Little did we knew that this 25.000 souls town will be so animated.


Our bones craved a cozy place to lay down and we choose to
do this at Comfort Inn west Fargo Even though we didn’t had
a reservation, the staff had no problem in giving us a dream
room…Budget friendly too. After a quick foam battle in the hot tub, we made our way through the nearbies .

First stop:  Red River Zoo

      We made our entrance just in time to be a part of Animal Care 101 Program. We learned everything and even more about how those furry friends live.
      Being a zoo keeper isn’t easy, I can tell. Especially when it comes to dirty jobs. Our smelly job envolved cleaning the cage of a rare resident of the Zoo: the Red Panda. Not much bigger than a chubby cat and with eyes like a pair of black dices, this little guy chews bamboo leaves all day long. And there are proofs left behind.

Let’s just say the only thing that drove me through the process was the thought that there are fewer than 2500 like him in the whole world. Lucky me, I got to clean his poop. It was a bumpy task but we both pitched in to clean the cage in no time.
After Cosmin shared his apple with a two months old Suffolk Punch filly, we headed to lunch. I was that hungry that I could eat both the horse and the apple.

What better place to stuff our faces than TNT’s Dinner 
     Where the home cooking is at its best. It is well known that they serve the best bread pudding in town. The menu is also filled with other heaven goodies: corn chowder, pie apple crisp and biscuits and gravy. Tim and Tammy Hagensen, the owners, heard that two hungry walkers ask for a table, so they stop by to say “hello”. I ditch all my fears for fats by ordering a plate of biscuits and gravy, before dipping my fingers in it like a savage. Hubs got a warm soup and some spicy sausages. Icing on the cake, food was on the house. Nothing fancy then, but still a place where even a king would trade his crown for a meal.

    Being chased by the time, me and C. decided to rush over another great outdoor attraction: the Red River Valley Fair. I just couldn’t wait to squeeze my butt in one of those mountain rouse’s seats. We payed $7 just to get in, but it not like I have this chance all year around. Apparently, C. hasn’t changed that much since he was ten. He took a spin with a tilt-a-whirl. I, on the other hand was felling quite brave. I embarked in Power Surge! It was like on the board of a fighter plane, cause this little baby combined 3 different spin action. I swear my jaw was at the bottom of my feet when it was all over.

    Since we hadn’t eaten dinner yet, a solution was found in no time. The fair offered many not so healthy options. Lunch was on the greasy side, so why not care on with the same song? A dozen of mini donuts went straight in our bellies, followed by a strawberry smoothie which was kind of bland but still good.

        After such a full and exciting day, we needed to lay down as fast as possible. Sure, a regular bed sounded comfortable, but I knew we couldn’t live from West Fargo without trying the campgrounds from Buffalo River State Park. Backpacking a small tent is never a bad idea. The park had swimming, hiking, skiing and picnicking areas. Being the lucky bastards that we are, we were picked up by another group of campers and their guide to walk the …Full Moon Walk.   

       The event takes place on every 17 day of June and it’s all about exploring the prairie and the edge of the Buffalo River woodland. The walk is no longer than 2 mile, but our eyeballs were almost glued to the landscape as the night went on. This unexpected short trip ended up at The regional Science Center telescopes. Ron Potter himself, the manager of Recreation Systems was the one that showed us the constellation of Ursa Major. Right there, under the bright stars, I kissed my husband and told him these exactly words: “ Fest Wargo was your best idea ever. That s why they call you The Brain. I’ll be the Pinkie!” .

Next morning, we were hitting the road, searching another great adventure across the States.

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