Saturday, April 16, 2011

Her Post- What John Cena and The Princess of Jordan have in common?

Well…ME! That’s right! This Alabama girl, is going to meet with John Cena and The Princess of Jordan. You can’t find two people more different than that, right? But I choose to be a journalist, so exciting encounters like this come with the whole package.

Why wait a green light? You're a pedestrian crossing his own life and the sky is the limit !

Despite the fact that I was getting at the end of my rope with all those school tasks, life gave me Green Light to relax and have fun.

Wrestling is definitely not my cup of coffee, but my husband is dying to see a real show. As soon as I found out that the super stars John Cena, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett come in town, I send an e-mail to their PR, requesting accreditation. I was over the moon to give such a present to Cosmin.

Then the women reply to me. Yep, I could definitely come, but without my husband cause he’s not part of the press. I tried everything from explaining her that we don’t even want seats to begging. Still NO.

They may look as dumb as a rock, but who cares? Who's the teacher that didn't gave them straith A's?

So my plan is go see the show and talk to whom I will found at the gate. It must be another PR, a person on the same page with me. My B plan is to record John Cena saying “ Hello” to hubs. Either way, I’m not giving up.

Before the big wrestling event, I need to start practicing reverences. All those curtsy lunges weren’t in vain…Rym Brahimi, the Princess of Jordan is not the typical royal blood person. Instead of walking through her giant flower garden and doing charity acts, she choose something else. Rym went on a war field, in the middle of bombs, a scary place for every sane woman . Needless to say, she loved it.
No silver spoons for this royalty. Canned beans and a bowl of Instant Miso Soup sounds delicious when grenades blow up four miles away.

Monday, I’ll get to hear what is like to be a CNN reporter and a princess. Stay tunned !


  1. What a bummer they won't let him go too! I hope it works out.

  2. Thank you for visiting us...and don't worry. I'm not giving up and I know people can be very understanding when they want :) !