Sunday, April 3, 2011

Her Post- How a great weekend looks like

Say hello to this happy camper! This weekend we were on the verge of getting in the jail for robbery charges. I had a hard time convincing the police officers that all we wanted was to snap a picture with those guys. They had some great rocky muscles and even when I hugged one of them, it remain as cold as a stone.

I also practiced my ballerina skills...

Well, I made up that story just to tell you what a great springy weekend we had, even if it was a little bit cloudy. II wonder why is it all the statue have to be that stiff and grumpy. Maybe, cause everyone around them gets to move and have fun, instead of sitting in the same place for like…ten years or so.

Now, what this guy gets after a lifetime in the service of his country? A better lake view and a nice tree.

The weather began to straighten up and meet with a furry friend. Like usual, the one who owns the goodies, makes a better buddy.

Cave man and the dog
" Give me more, give me more". Another Britney fan.

One thing leads to another...My belly was as empty as a Monday morning church. Lucky me, we had these sweet cranberries to fuel us.

This time, we didn't share. I made sure to get rid of that " I can lick my butt and still look cute" guy

We thought of taking a ride whit it, but I didn't know for sure if my never-ending legs will fit in. My hubs calls it " spaghetti".

It's not Thomas. It's his weird cousin from Alabama.
Suddenly, my husband craved a little art. I said " Yes", and woke up in a small room, surrounded by grannies an awkward music. It's something about art that makes me fell...overwhelmed.

If it seems like he knows what his looking at...he doesn't. I must admitt he almoust folled me too.
 On our way home, we stopped to get some pineapple and vitamins. Pineaplle is like water for me these day. I don't know a single word in Germany, but I can tell when I taste a good piece of this golden fruit...

Danke schon. The lady was doing her job, and I was doing mine.

How was your weekend? Tell me about it .

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