Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Her post- My Upside-Down Princess World

I did it! I finally met a real princess. Or may I say two. Being a very punctual person brought me many bitter moments ( like the one when it was winter and I arrived 10 min earlier just to wait a friend that called to say she will be late?). God rewarded me this time and I was chosen to give flowers to one of the princess. Turns out, it was the Romanian one, princess Margaret.
Can you believe I didn't washed my hands for more than 24 hours?
There were video cameras all over the place and hundreds of pictures were taken. The Royal Highness seemed very comfortable with my clumsy way of handing her the flowers and responded with a gentle smile. The press conference went smoothly, but I couldn’t stop thinking what would it be to live like a princess?

First, every princess has to have a cute companion, one that never disagrees and always prefer a bowl of milk over a handful of diamonds.

This is one ugly cat and it gives me the creeps

Then, I would honor my new veggie love by ditching the real and very heavy crown and replacing it with a crown made of brussel sprouts. It may be a little bit expensive since the price of these small greens is higher that any good steak you’ll find on the market.

I’ll carry on with the green theme outside of my castle too. Flowers are great, sure. But wouldn’t be even cool if someone like Edward The Scissors Man would design for me something like this…?

I would eat my crown by the end of the evening...

What is it about little Johnny that makes him good looking even with a pair of scissors-hands?

Royal world is very similar to Hollywood: every inch that adds to your waist brings you a step closer from losing the crown. Every morning I’ll shout at the top of my lungs for someone to help put on my unbearable thigh corset. No pain no game, right?

Let's be honest! I'm no Scarleet O'Hara, although I'm as stuborn as a mule can be! And I hope this tool of torture cames with boobies to mach :)

At the end of the day, I’ll throw a huge tea party and pay some serious money to Katy Perry to sing for us, dressed in a latex Barbie doll costume!

Huge parties aren't my cup of tea, but I'm a princess that knows her very best interest!

What about YOU? Did you ever dreamed of being a Royal Blood person??

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