Saturday, April 9, 2011

Her Post- Turning butterflies of love into an air bed pump

I watched my husband leave the house with a big smile on his face this morning and I quivered thinking at the handsome boy who stole my heart in a summer day.

Orange Riding Hood in the wood!
 He turn 28 today. He’s still a funny, smart and inventive guy, but the last six years had brought him something more. That touch of kindness mixed with determination that every man gets once he hits maturity.

When we start dating, he kissed my lips like as he was picking up some rare flowers from an exotic land. These days, he kisses me like he’s adding another brush of paint over his work of art.

This certain day means nothing. It’s just some sort of mind clock, reminding us to look back and be amazed of how far we have gone.

Those two were meant to be together

So far, that those butterflies spread their wings and flew away. Instead having a ticklish stomach, I now have an air bed pump attached to my heart. One of these days I’ll raise up in the sky, hanging on a giant flowing heart. Did you noticed I'm so into balloons? See for yourself !

Love keeps me pumped
I must admit...Knowing that I can’t afford to give him a material present, makes me sad although puts another perspective on things. Cake is a must, so at least our bellies will receive a treat.

I made a coconut base cake with fruits and whipped cream filling. That's how we roll, fresh and simple!


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE HUSBAND!!! :) Hope you both had an amazing day together.