Saturday, April 2, 2011

Her Post- Did you know “ Fuck You “ is the new “ I Love You”? Ask James Franco.

Rise and shine, Alabama! Right, I don’t live in Alabama, although it would be nice, but I always wanted to say that!

I even dress myself like a cow girl. At least I tried...

I gladly present you our 100% recovered versions! These little robots are having their cake and eat it too. In fact, we are feeling so better, that we went out for a date last night.

It was more of a last moment decision. Have I ever told you how much I enjoy my part time job for the benefits that come along? I may have mentioned here and at the end of this post. Two days ago, I received a free invitation at “ Your Highness” from the PR of a major Cinema Center and only press people wore allowed. We stock up with pop corn and beverages and arrived just in time for the first scenes.

I’m not going to walk in the steps of Pinocchio and lie to you till my nose will reach the length of my arm. “ Your Highness” should call “ Your D**kness” cause that was all we saw and heard.

Make me some room, would you? He probably seen it too.
 There are some movies where “ I love you” sounds like the favorite line of the characters. It’s annoying and sugary and I prefer it million time than “ F**k You”, the favorite line of James Franco. And guess what?

"Although the film was written by writer Ben Best and actor Danny McBride, the dialogue is heavily improvised. Director David Gordon Green said there was never a script used on-set. Only the plot outline and written notes were used."

Well that explains everything. Yet, it didn’t bothered much Cosmin and the majority of the guys laughed. To sum it up, I saw an awkward movie, with jokes that gross me out and took away my crush on little James Franco.

What's the worst movie YOU ever seen??

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