Monday, February 7, 2011

Her Post- The girls who disbelieves bad horoschope

Hello, there! This is Andreea. If you wonder why I m so talkative it s because I m born this way…and because I don t have a job yet. I m a student, a young wife and a part time volunteer editor at a news website. They don t pay me, but I get to write and learn about online mass media, I get to take part at some public events and the best of it, I own a journalist card. Plus, I don t fell the pressure to write a specific thing and I don t have deadlines.

Today was another experiment breakfast day. I eat banana oatmeal and I think it s better cold than hot. Is still morning here in Bucharest ( 8: 13 am) so I m catching up with blogging and reading random horoschope.

I just can t help it. I like hearing or reading about my sign( I m Scorpio and Cos is an Aries). The thing is that my brain is set to ignore the negative comments. For example, if the pretty lady from Tv tell me that “ The Scorpio will have problems dealing with stress”, I say myself that are millions of scorpions out there so somebody will be stressed, NOT me. But if the news are bright, bring it on.

With that said, I better start writing articles for my part time job so I enjoy the rest of the day doing…more articles.

p.s. Dear hubby, if you read this in your lunch break, please don t forget calling Razvan to book us tickets at cinema for the “ Little fockers “, at 19:15 tomorrow night. Kisses!

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