Friday, March 18, 2011

Her Post- Why I Know For Sure That My Marriage Is Hanging On A String?

We have been married from seven months now. Seven months are a short period of time but you know what they say…You never really get to know a person, even after years of marriage !

Since we have tied the knot for less than a year now, I assume that I can t know all the deep stuff that my husband is hiding in his dark soul ( I officially made myself think at him as a serial killer…and I find it sexy).

I hope I wont end up like this one day!
The one thing I do know for sure is what makes him happy! Let’s see…He likes all fish based products, he likes to play, he likes to travel and he loves small surprises. After filming a couple of my class mates saying that I love him, as a 6 months married gift, this time I choose balloons.
I felt like kindergarten kid all again!

By this time, my lungs were as swollen as these flying cuties!

You might remember that we re temporally fall in love of animations. For this little spontaneous moment, I was inspired by one post I wrote the other days: Why is Healthy To Stare at Airplanes and Sip Cheap Wine?.

I thought it will be quick, easy and fun. BUT IT DIDN T! It was time consuming, messy and I had to come up with a plan B. My balloons were so bad at staying in the air and I almost kissed myself for buying ten of them.

I tell you, my room was a war field. I even thought squesing my butt under the bed!

When I understand there s no way my gift will last until Cosmin’s arrival home, I grabbed my phone and did some pictures. He liked it even better since he was having a busy day at work and after I e-mailed him the pictures, he was screaming in my ear a very happy “ Thank You”.

It all pays off in the end!
I love that our 7 month of marriage is now hanging on a string of balloons and will last forever!


  1. Thank you, but who are you anyway? Are you an american or an romanian guy?

    You re more then welcome to visit us any day!