Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Her Post - A bad bad habit

Good morning my new Twitter friends! I have admit, I hardly believed that Twitter is a good place for making friends…Real live isn t sometimes a good place for that, so why virtual space should be. It s tricky.

We tend to make our own projection about people we “meet” on social networks, we try to make them safer buddies, cause nobody wants to chat with a burgeler or a murderer. The truth is we really have no clue who s there. So that s the reason I doubted. Still, I happen to experience something new and excited. I make effort to catch up with all that information, there s so many things I want to learn, to make it mine. It can be overwhelming.

…And when I feel like that, or excited or anxious I harm myself by ripping my cuticles. I ve seen people scratching their scalps, rubbing their heands, biting their lips, but my thing it s cuticles. My destroying habit leaves my hands with little bloody spots and unappeling manicure.

Do you have some sort of bad habit, one that comes with emotions? If do, please give me a tip. I can t wear box gloves and I can t soak my fingers in something bitter…

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