Monday, March 14, 2011

Her Post- Are You Moving Your Hairy Butt Enough? Think Again.

Holy shit! This weekend flew by. We wore as busy as two grasshoppers and we had some serious fun being so. Sunny spring weather and a very kissable husband ? Sounds to me like a Win Win situation. I m kind of a moderate jealous person and I would neverrr share my partner but it all started with a women. Her name is…Holy Rigsby.

Holy s the author of the immensely popular Fit Yummy Mummy program. I found her the other day, in my researches for a new fun workout. After a couple of you tube videos of her and some “ Ohh’s” and “ Waw’s”  I stumbled upon a forgotten information.

A human being has to do an average 10.000 steps per day in order to have a healthy, active life. That s two hour of moving , without counting one s workouts. I almost swallow my tongue remembering that. So Saturday, the two of us powered through a long beautiful 6 miles walk through park.

Back pains and heart problems? No thanks. Oldies but goldies.
We made sure to fuel up our short trip with some sandwiches, protein bars and yogurt. Who knew we would share all that with a little fellow that I fall in love?

These cute dog was a "she". Two girls flirting with the camera.
 The lake was shinny and we had the opportunity to break some laws too.

He put a ring on it and know he wants to put some handcuffs to.

Poor baby ..Eating yogurt with a tiny ice cream spoon.

That s his " Are you going to eat the other cup or...?" look
 The night ended in the same active note. I had to go to an event. A sort of light Romanian version of MTV Awards. It was awesome! Most of the press guys were standing up, but I m a very brave girl so I made my way to a very comfy seat nearby celebrities. I hide my press id under my sweater and pretend like I own the seat. Nobody bothered me and I and my girlfriend, Codrina, enjoyed the show .

Celeb in disguise...or just me!
I m a concert screamer so my voice is recovering now. Unfortunately, I went dressed with the same clothes that I wore in park. Lucky me, I m not a celebrity and don t have to dress up .

You can see Holy in an interview Here. She s a Fit Mommy !

So, do you move enough or you should put a leg in front of the other more often?

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