Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Her Post- They say routine is bad for you. They suck.

Hi, there! I just got out the shower and some water drops are dangerously falling into my keyboard. I am that excited to write to you! Life has been better to us and things are slowly starting to get to their normal track.

Enjoy your routine, but don't get to comfy!

This was the first day when I can honestly say that we’re back to our normal routine. Oh, me missed it so much! Eating breakfast in the kitchen, at a table, taking shower without rushing, sleeping in a quiet environment and just knowing where things are in the house.

Let me refresh your memory on what’s been happening around here in the past two weeks:

Speaking about routines. During this crazy marathon , we found ourselves sick, but our health got worse because of a more important factor: the lack of a familiar routine. It never occurred to me than I could be that affected by such a thing since I named myself “ a chameleon” .

They say routine it’s a bad thing, a boundary between man and change. Routine can damage your life and relation, if you get stuck and live “ inside the box”.
When you pass day by day after the same tree not knowing that it’s there, then you can say routine is taking over your life in an unhealthy way.

Can you tell I love my walking routine?

But imagine waking up every single morning with what question on your mind: What’s next? It would be a chaos if we have to constantly change our jobs, our eating habits, if we had to sleep one day on the floor and one day on a bed made of bambus?

I consider myself a highly adaptive creature, a “chameleon”, not some Phoenix bird that can reborn on and on. In fact, I'm a Scorpio !

Routine keeps as sain. Yeah, we should totally break it from now and then, taking our lives two the next level. Having a pattern of habits molds our personality, making us sure that we can handle some of the buttons of a complex machine.

Ooh, what does this button dooo?

Maybe I’m wrong. I would love if you would smack me in the face with my theory, so we can come up with another!

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