Saturday, February 5, 2011

His Post- Almost but not quite

         Yeeeeey, we won the lottery 6/49, no we haven’t…..but wait we actually won, no…no…we didn’t . This is how life it’s sometimes, even if you win something and it is not “the big prize” you still feel like you didn’t won, like a looser. We all tend to do mistakes like that, and never fully enjoy our little “victory’s” because we forget that small things can make you feel so good. Don’t you all feel sometimes that “all the bad things are happening to me” and you ask yourself “Whyyyy Meeeee”, well I think that you should really ask yourself “ Why am I being such an idiot to even think that?” instead of enjoying all the wonderful and unique moments this life blesses us whit. When your feet are hurting just think that are some people that don’t even have feet to feel that, or when you drive your car and become angry because the sun is blinding you just think that are many who didn’t even see it . Your angry because your child is crying ? Don’t be, be happy because are parent’s that didn’t hear (and probably never will) they er kids. How we make our life and how happy we are it only depends on us. Think that all bad things happen to you? Think again. Every day we win something, we win the right to be happy.

Yeey, we actually won on lottery 10 ron (3 dollars) and we are extremely happy.

Ps: Yesterday we ate for the first time mold cheese and drank a glass of red wine together.

PPS: We are diging a tunnel from Romania to Time Square Garden, anybody has a spear shovel ?

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