Sunday, February 20, 2011

Her Post- Home alone

 Yesterday I was invited to participate at an radio event along with some colleagues from my part time job. There was a lot of people from all sorts of magazines and sites, especially boys. Cosmin did an awesome job and encouraged me to go and socialize and not worry about him being home alone. He was also a bit tired since he worked half the program yesterday. I wanted so much to bring him as well , but he told me that he wouldn t feel confortable being there. I knew that was true.

Less like this...

                                 More like this!

So me and Codrina, my friend, went there and had a wonderfull time , zipping a sweet wine , eating a piece of caramel cake and talking to strangers. When I left from home I secretly wished that Cosmin was one of that jealous guys, that tells their wives “ Be carefull, man are sneaky, they will try something with you. Maybe I should come anyway”. At a second thought, I couldn t live with a person like that, but I like to know that my hubby has a drop of jealousy. Turns out he has it!

As soon as I left and took the subway, my cell phone started to ring. He just wanted to know that I was safe and if Codrina joined me. Then, 20 minutes later he called me again “ just ” to tell me that he successfully installed a new garmin on his phone. Apparently, this news could no longer wait.
Moving on, at the party I forget the phone in my purse. Half an hour later, I check it and had a major surprise. Cosmin had called me like five times. Called him back. Guess what? He wanted to informed me that he downloaded four new movies to watch it together when I returned.

He never once asked me about the guys that were there, about the music or about the time I will go back. Still, he has his own manner to show that he missed me and he had antsy pants about me going all alone at a party were I almost knew nobody. I had a blast, but I couldn t wait to see him and spend a movie night as a family.

Is your partner jealous or he has his own manner to show appreciation and love?

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