Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Her Post- A gift that costs nothing than persuasion

Yesterday we celebrated six months of marriage and FIVE and ½ years of relationship. Holly Moly that s a lot of time and I m only 21. But trust me, it s was an adventurous roller coaster and I m waiting more to come.

Because I didn t want to give him an ordinary gift just so we can mark this day, and since he was sweet enough to write such a beautifull and funny post and thought about something boldy…

                                Don t trust in my " innocent" smile. There is more from where that little plan came

I went to college and ask all my colleagues I can find at that class to accept to be tape recorded by me as they said a few words for Cosmin. I told them what s the reason that we celebrate and they told me it was a great idea. I managed to raise five people that I recorded while saying Cosmin that “ Andreea loves you very much, that much that she asked us to deliver the message. Have a happy marriage!”

When we arrived home I coldn t wait dinner so I rushed him to check out his present. I too recorded a message. He was very surprised and when he was able to talk he told me that I m much better than him at making surprises and he s jealous! Mission completed!

This week it s a crazy one and breaking out from normality it s always a good thing.

What was the most crazy, out of this world gift that you ever made for somebody??

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