Thursday, February 10, 2011

Her Post - Dreams and other ”drugs”

I find myself speechlessAll my life I ve been waitting this moment to come and now I m just paralysed. This is one of those strange moments that come after a big wish, a big struggle and when eventually happened all I m able to do is stare with my mouh open. I m such a dorch!

Who I m I kidding? I m 100% prepared to receive this opportunity cause I and Cosmin deserve it!

No one knows how many nights we fall asleep talking about US, how many letters we send people all around US via e-mail trying to reach to somebody willing to help, how many pictures we saw, how many sites we read just to document about all the paper we need to do in order to get there. We both literally cry our eyes out watching a documentary about Mexican, Asian , Chinesse people who get cautch staying illegally in America and have been deported. I want to be clear! I m not going there to live a lie. We are going to put our maximum efforts in this so we can have a decent, honest life, with all the bads and goods.

This was the cake for Cosmin s birthday and I want to surprise him! Not a piece of art, but a piece of my American heart!

God was all along besides us, guiding us thru this journey , cause finding a dream it s a journey itself. We tried to be aware of every moment of this adventurous trip, so when we will eventually live our dream we can look back and laugh.

We even made a list, just to be sure that we aren t trap in a illusion! We put in a column the plusses and in the other column the minuses! The result? We re definitely going!

My advice is, no matter what people say ( they unintentionally will try to delay you), one has to grow and have the courage to dream. People are afraid of new, that s why the negative attitude, but then we might as well live without planes and cars and computers cause their invention was bullied in first place!

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