Thursday, February 17, 2011

Her Post- What is your six-word story??

just found out that Smith Magazine Web site readers are having a lot of fun doing a challenge. They suppose to sup um their love stories in just six words. That s even harder than Twitter! But I love beeing creative and I love even more showing off with my husband cause he s really a good catch. Enough with bragging…I hope he ll never read this cause he can easily get excited about compliments .

So, here are some of the “ stories” on the site:

But our domestic partnership was notarized….
Your new wife is too friendly.
there’s nothing sex can not fix.
Finally found love, at age 41.
Note to self: avoid head cases.
He wasn’t worth the panic attacks.
Chocolate is the coward’s bad apology.
Pet-sitting for ex-husband describes amicable divorce.

I was tossing and turning about what to write, what will be the most representative thing for us. I came up with these:

Real love takes a pretty good team.

Without him, a martini without olive.

From playing games to playing marriage.

“Forever”, to little to be with you.

Love turns routine into a journey.

Sweat off for a marriage, enjoy results.

7 years between, makes perfect balance .

I feel chosen every day, that s love.

I hope you cold be more inventive . It s still seven in the morning so my brain it s a little stiff. All in all, this game is great because you get at the bottom of your relationship .

What is your “ six-word story”?

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  1. Very interesting and really made me start using my little brain. My "Six-Word Story" would be "Always hoping for more love tomorrow".