Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Her Post- A short story and some serious threatenings

Hello from our snowy and so windy Bucharest! My day started with a lot of paper work due to some school projects, then I had to write an article for my part time job. Before that, I rushed to pack lunch for Cosmin and made breakfast. After 3 hours of staring at the computer and trying to pay 100% attention, I managed to take a snack and squeeze a butt/ muffin top workout. After that, made my homework for today and here I am, catching up with blogging on my way out to college.

I am looking at my nails and I blame for letting myself go like that. I have clean and round nail but I wish to have some polosh on them, especially since a new one is waiting in my desk. The real problem are my hands. Day by day, my hands transform in some form of blackboard where you can find all sorts of dots, lines or little spots. The reason for all this is my clumsiness. Although I am a good cooker and I m not bragging, and although you can call me Speedy Gonzales in the kitchen, for some reason I don t feel the pain or I ignore it. Whether I fry an egg or I put a try in the oven, I always end up hurting myself.

A funny story reached to my ears recently. Do you know how band-aid was invented? The plaster was the creation of a man in his desperate attempt to protect his clumsy wife. You read right! This man called Earle Dickson worked at a pharmaceutical factory and told his bosses about this awkward idea. At home, he tried everything to save his wife fingers and came up with something that would stay in place.

This brainiac took a square of compress and trustworthy it to the core of a square of tape, and afterwards lonesome the product with crinoline to keep it sterile. Today we can enjoy this little piece of miracle when the first drop of blod make it s way till the surface of our skin.
                                                         He can be very very mean to me! Help !

Cosmin is not that patient neither that inventive, so he frankly threatened me if I once cut or steam or fry my hands and fingers. He said that a girl cannot have the hands of an old lady and seems perfectly logical but I can t help myself. He told me than he would abandoned me alone in the kitchen as soon as he sees the tiniest spot on my hands.

 Wish me look with that impossible mission !


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  2. Good post... And good luck with "mission impossible". And remember you're a wife and you work hard in more ways than one. Not everything can be perfect, and it shouldn't be. You do the best with what you have and that's all you can ask for. :)