Sunday, February 13, 2011

His Post-How to be a good husband-chef

I am a a good chef, a very good husband chef. And I’m willing to share for free my secrets of what it takes to achieve such a high level of professionalism.

First of all let me tell you that this is by no means a 3 day training and that’s it. No, it takes at least 4 to 5 years learn and master all the skill needed to become The One. It needs determination, involving, a true love and 140% dedication, and last but not least a hole lot patience.

Here are the detailed steps:

1. You got to carefully clean and nicely cut all the recipe needed veggies. Arrange them in a order in a very beautiful bawl or plate, and put them somewhere near to your beloved cook-wife. Just remember that it has to be a perfect , not to far away or you’ll end up playing fetch (you being the fetcher  ), and not to close or you will have to buy a new dish, probably even new groceries and in worst case scenario some patches.

2. Always taste the food when the wife-cook asks you to do that. It’s matter of life and death, and be sure that you blow upon the food from the spoon yourself, if you still want to use taste buds after. (who knows it could be the wife-cook way of testing your love for her  ). Very important, if you think the food needs some more spices Watch you language, and use wise words or you’ll end up starving to death.

3. Quickly wash the used dishes and never leave more that 3 dirty dishes in the sink, because most of the times the wife-cook might need to use just those dirty dishes. And be sure when you wash them to use the silent button. Let’s be honest who likes a noisy husband-chef washing dishes and making even more annoying noises. So shhhhhhhhhht.

 4. Be sure that you do your best helping and stealing wife-cook secrets when she is in the middle of magic enchanting, or she could forget to use that secret witch she only haves witch is called “LOVE”. And let’s face it food without love it’s just tasteless.

5. And last but not least you always got to careful to eat the very last thing she made. And remember this even if you are not hungry you are hungry. Because there is nothing like love made food.

A story says that if you want to “Haply live, ever after” you always got to eat that very special food.

Some say that “If you always eat that you will be strong young and beautiful , if not you will probably die ahead of time because of the sorrow blue heart”

This post is fully dedicated to my dedicated cook-wife without which my heart wouldn’t be alive.

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