Thursday, February 24, 2011

Her Post- I m so excited, and I just can t hide it ( The pointer sisters)

Today it s a good day. Unlike yesterday, I manage to sleep, eat and tweet properly. I had to go to the National Library to find an antique paper. Are you holding on ?  The paper called “ The Rumanian” was created and released in 1883, so when I told what I m looking for to the lady who helped me she laugh and tried to explain that I misspelled the date…After a few second she entered the code and then she realizes that there was a paper from 1883.
She immeadiatelly brought it and I had to spend a bunch of hours figuring out what in the world those journalists wrote. It was an old roumanian dialect so…By the time I finished, I was ravenous, grumpy, my brain was a broke engine and all that calmed me before getting home was my husband s voice.

Today I had a lay down school day so I got my revange. Sunday will be an even more exciting day.
I m going to meet up with these guys:

No joke. A press conference it s going to take place at a mega shooping center and I get to be invited. Turn out there are the African version of Cirque du Soleil. The group gathers 50 people from all the African Continent: Tanzania, Etiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

I want to asked them how it s like to be a traveller, whether they enjoy every single moment beeing on the stage or they rather do something else in life and if they really can see the beautifull countries in which they tour.

My secret desire is to get two invitations at their show. Maybe I ll have some luck on my hands if I ll start beeing more bold. After all, they speak english, I speak english. I m thinking saying them Welcom in African but I don t know a single word...Anyone?

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  1. just came across your blog! it's fabulous! you have some great insight on your posts! that show looks GREAT!