Monday, February 28, 2011

His Post-SuperWoman

Doesn't everybody wonders : "Do super heroes really exist ? Could SuperMan ever be real? And if he ever did, who could be his wife?”.

Well I don’t have the answers for those questions, but I know one thing that Super Women does exist, and I am the proud chosen one of her. No matter how many pages I write about her still won’t ever be enough, but here are just a few reasons for why a think that she is just super.

- No matter how tired she is or how little sleep she might have, she always wakes up before me and prepares me dinner.

- She is the best cook love can buy, and by far and no doubt the most ingenious one.

- What’s the name of my best (and true) friend (it’s hard to get one)? You guess it Andreea.

- The best Romanian (and English) language teacher (and the roughest), for sure.

- And who doesn’t want the sexiest nurse at his head just when you feel like dying? (even if you are not). To take care of you after being foolish enough and come home through the rain, just like a wet rat!

- She is a great football player, and she always kicks my ass! Well I am just kidding one this one, but it’s really funny and relaxing to to play sort of football in the park with her.

- When I was young (and restless :) ) I was wondering if how my future wife ( I didn’t know her back then) will get along with my mother. Well … she got it covered, in fact she is more like a daughter of my mom.

- Who has the best looking babe from this part of the Universe? I’m pretty sure that I am the lucky winner.

- Spontaneous and funny ? She has it all. When we go for a walk this second she is next to mine the next one you can see fooling around the water almost falling in to it.

- What do you think that ties all of this together and ads some spices in our lives ? Well just a tiny hero argue. Super Women’s do that sometimes.

- The most famous personal trainer of them all, my wife.

- All the kitties and dogs from this Earth have no fear of extinction because your savior has arrived. Yep, she loves them all and she always buys pretzels and shares with them. Even do they are not always eating :)

- Before I met her, I was always bragging how well I can clean the house and I was considering myself the best. Well now I am second Best :).

- Oh her eyes, her eyes
  Make the stars look like they're not shining
  Her hair, her hair
  Falls perfectly without her trying

- And last but not least I just want her to know that if would stop loving me just for only one second I would ceass to exist.


  1. Very moving! A lovely tribute to a very special person whom you obviously love very much. I am happy for your happiness.

  2. Thank you, I think this is the least I can do for my love one. We are happy that you are happy for our happinnes :)