Monday, February 7, 2011

Her Post-Baked apples oatmeal VS. cocoa oatmeal and…money talk

Today started pretty good. I just couldn t decide weather it s a new oatmeal breakfast recipe or should I stick to my kind of boring cocoa oatmeal. I m a pretty adventurous person so I pick the first. Well, it turnet good, sweet and sour from the cinnamon/green apple/honey combo but I have doubts about turning it into a habit. If there s a fruit in my oatmeal, that will be pumpkin. Love it. But then, when it comes to money…not so cheap. Fresh pumpkin cost a little fortune in Roumania and canned it s non existing.

Speaking of money. Me and Cosmin had a talk the other day about lending money to a friend of him. I was skeptical, not because of giving the guy too much , but because I had a really bad experience with lending money.

The story She was a good friend of mine, she seemed trustable and kind in all the matters. Our civile marriage was approaching so we had some money raised ( our parents did not contributed). She asked me to give her about 200 dollars. Our savings where a totall of 500 dollars so that was a really tight budget !! I could n say no to her, firstly cause she knew that I was raising money and secondly cause she was my best friend. Our civile marriage was planned to be a month later. Guess what? The girl turned out to be a liar, she avoided me, and then she start making me promises to return my so needed money.

I was literally freaked out. I was afraid that we ll have problems paying the local restaurant meals where it supposed to be the after party…I cried so much that my husband beg me to stop. He tried every single thing to calm me down but my heart felt betrayed, and my pockets …empty. I started to pray. Days before the event, Cosmin received a gift from his bosses, a gift in the honor of our marriage…About 200 dollars, the money that I stupidly lost were there, in front of us.

I never heard about “ my friend” . I strongly belive that was God s way to teach me a lesson, make me more humble.

The question is, what do you think about lending money, I mean higher amounts of money? And to whom?

That scene left me with “soul scars”, so I m a little tempered.

Check out this little research of mine:

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