Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Recap: wish come true, paper work and flowers

Hello, happy bloggers and readers! I was a little absent cause of a very busy weekend, but I hope you ll understand me. Good news although…I WENT TO THE CIRCUS SHOWRemember?

Saturday was the best day ever.After the press conference with the manager and members of circus “ Mother Africa”, I got to use for the first time my id press and been invited to the event for FREE! Unfortunately, my hubby had to stay home, and he made sure that I would be properly feed. He made a late quick post dinner snack for me.
                                         After seeing those guys I wanted to move to Africa! So friendly people!

            That s how I looked at midnight, after a crazy day. "The magic dissappeared and princess Andreea became a ogre!" 

How was the show? Enough to say that I run out of battery on my handy cam. Ever since, I m in a very bright state of mind and the good things keep on coming towards us. Yesterday, I woke up very early, prepare lunch for my hubby and wrote some articles. Then, I panicked after checking the clock. I did a short mix workout, a combo between cardio and weights and really push so I still have time for post workout snack and to dress myself. I had a presentation to do at school and it went smooth like the rest of the day.

                                            Some yogurt/chesse/apple/cinnamon combo and H2O. And...Roumanian dead-lifts.

                                                                        I polished all in no time ! Hungry girl..

I must have been burned out. Once I returned home, I collapsed in a well deserved nap and woke up today with a sore throat and a little weak. I will listen to my body and rest at least for the first part of the day.

                                                   After a night of sleep, Andreea returned to her normal face

Cosmin made my day today. Again. It s the first of March and we, Romanians, celebrate the first day of spring by changing small symbolic gifts like ribbons made of white and red thin cords. I ll snap a photo later in the day. In addition, he gave me a small bouquet of hyacinth. The flowers we in a glass, in the kitchen and ribbon was prop up the glass. The man arranged all this there a night before, after I went to sleep. Now, the entire house smells like Spring!

Happy spring to you and remember,


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