Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Her Post- How to begin when it s ending

I m done with my diction clasess! It s been one and a half month since I start going to them and I m proud to say that I finished earlier cause my teacher gave me a golden star and told me I m a "master" and I can no longer come if I want to !

That put a big smile on my face and I headed straith home and took a nap. Have you ever felt overwhelmed even before you start some sort of activity? I m that tipe of person. I put myself through hard times thinking and pre-living a situation. Maybe I fell pressure because this Friday I ll be interviewing a big celebrity for my part-time job or maybe I m not sure where to start again, what goal to have in order to maximase my chances of getting a real job.

One thing I know fore sure: I m no longer scared about finding a job after I graduate. I know what kind of fishes swim in the online see , I know what kind of writing requires and I have the skills. But my love for reporting it s a work in progress. Fist step was taking those classes and recording news in front of my camera. Next step? Do some more of that I guess. Then, when I ll fell more confident in this area too, I ll send some recorded CV to Tv station. So, that my big plan and I m 100% sure it will work. And home to celebrate withouth a good cake that i make yesterday?

P.s. You just read an attempt to cheer myself up so I could restart my morning and fell more bright! Thank you!

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