Saturday, March 19, 2011

Her Post- 5 Things I Learned From Being A Wife

“Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned" - Mark Twain
This guy is totally right! Being a wife it s a never ending learning process, so knowing that keeps my curiosity at the highest level.

Also, being aware that I do not know everything about marriage and love allows me to take a step back and recognize that some things can't be controlled. Along the way, we both felt like staying committed and invest time in our relationship needs hard work. 
Love and marriage go together like the horse and carriage...
So here's a few things that I learned from being a wife and hopefully you ll share some more from your experiences:

1. My partener is an endless source of surprises. Do all surprises supposed to be good? I ll say no! I was surprised to find out that he sucks at buying me gifts. Skip the flowers, cause he rocks at that section. But I found a way to suggest him to I want without saying with words. I make a comment or I get very interested when passing by some earings.

2. Sometimes, I might experience jealousy on his career. I mean, I m so gratefull for his job and his supportive coworkers but there are moments when I find myself feeling sad cause I haven't find a good job yet. I quickly remind that I m still young and smart and there's like 0 chances nobody will hire me. Maybe jealousy it s a hard word anyway!

3. I m part of a new social group. One day, it just hit me! I m no longer just a college girl or a girlfriend, I m a wife and therefore I get to connect with other women like me. This new status make me appear more credible in front of people and it's kind of honoring that somebody addresses me with “ Mrs”.

4. We're like a new born cell that has to grow. I feel more responsable for my education and I m more concerned to enlarge my knowledges. Why? Because I have the desire to be the best of what I can be, in order to put a strong base of our family. We already have strong values, but I know that the two of us will accomplished more than we can ever dream.

Pay attention at your " family cell". It s more that rocket science!
5. At some point, respect has to take charge over love! I should have put this one first. I look at my neighbours, the couple with whom we're sharing an apartment and I see where the lack of respect leads. You don't know yet? First, they lie each other. He's a smoker and she doesn't know it ,and she gives money to her sister behind his back.

Then, they tend to be cruel to each other. He tells her : “ This food tastes awfull, my mother makes it better” and she sais to him : “ I gave you enough money. What am I, a bank?” ( cause she earnes most of their income). And thirdly, they don’t share their lives. She tells me everything about her work , even when I m not in the mood for this and I m not her best girlfriend either. He s more quiet and keeps things for himself.

I respect my husband enough to tell him some days that I m cranky and not capable to hear what he has to say about work. And he respects me enough to say that he needs to watch his show without my voice in his ear cause then I ll get upset because he doesn't listen.

Being a wife resembles a lot with being a college girl. In order to get satisfaction, I have to make my homeworks and be consistent!

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