Saturday, March 26, 2011

Her Post- Renos Survival Guide

It’s officially weekend, but nobody’s resting around here. If you ever seen “ Extreme Makeover-Home Edition” , you also know how look our apartment right now.
If not, let me put it like that: I took a “ dust shower” every single day for the last two weeks, my balance improved a lot since I zigzagging between bricks and chunks of wood and you might be surprised how cooked oats mixed with gravel tastes like ( crunchy and rocky).

If you think about doing renos, make sure you double check my Survival Guide:

Consider doing a little meditation in the morning. Get rid of all the negative emotional charge, so you can handle the clutter around you without having a claustrophobia attack.

This used to be a fun house, but now it's full of ...clutter

Make a list with food that you normally eat and cook meals in advance. Eating was our major problem. We had to eat cold, unhealthy food, while standing up. Not fun.

See? No table and chairs. I guess I could stick my butt in that bucket over there and pretend it's a chair.

Tell people about it! Some days, you’re nerves will be all over the place, but knowing what’s going on helps people be more tolerant.

Get friendly with workers. It may appear that you’re in charge, but it’s more the opposite. Some of them aren’t quite smart, but can tell a joke better than Seinfeld. The more you get along with them, the sooner they finish the job.

That guy covering his face was so funny...He said I'm worse than a paparazzi!

Escape when you can. Even if it’s just a walk in the park or coffe with a friend. Renos can put you through short episodes of depression. Take it one step further and add some vitamins along with every breakfast.

                                        I ran and ran and stopped only when I was in a green, happy place.

• Enjoy the mess. Remember when you’re a kid and you used to love having a t-shirt with mud spots and dusty pants to match? Ohh, the priceless look on your mother’s face.. Have fun with this process. After all, it will be a great story to tell at Thanksgiving dinner!

What about you? Who's in the same boat with me is more than welcomed to share tips!

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