Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Her Post- How to “bake” a bond with your mother in law?

Hi, there! Since I have 0 desire to attract more negative situations in my life, I want to devote this post to a very special person: my mother in law.

There are two stigmatize categories of women out there: steph mothers and mothers in law. They are known to be as dangerous as carnivorous plants and only few people have survive to tell their horrible encounters.

Save the species and don't bring such a gift to your in law :)!

Just like Destiny’s song says: “ I’ m a survivor, I’m gonna make it”, so I was lucky enough to be a myth buster. I’ve heard so many crazy stuff about mothers in law, that by the time I met mine, I was prepared for a one-on-one battle.

Even if it wasn’t love at first sight, it was love at first bite. Think at the most unhandy person you know, than double that and you’ll understand how I am. Lucky, I’m a pretty good cook. The day I brought a traditional cake to her house, I knew that I ll soon have her eating out of my hand. She s was a doubter, but she knew that no bad person can be a good cook too.

Chocolate cookies, decadent pies and fluffy pancakes were the “keys” to my mother in law’s heart and between bites and sips of tea we got to discover the sweetness of each other without being too sugary.

If you stand sharing with her a piece of chocolate, then that's Magic!

Maybe you can sing or you’re an amazing knitter. Use your skills to bond with your mother in law, show her that you’re not the Grinch who stole her son. Learn from Samantha, that little blonde witch, and wiggle your nose in the right direction. Yes, there is such thing like Magic!

See an interesting article that raises the question:If we eat them, why shouldn't they want to eat us??

What's your mother in law like? Did you had a hard time reaching towards her soul?

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