Thursday, March 3, 2011

Her Post- Can I have some cheese with this whine?

I m sick. That s it. That s all I have to say to you. Now, put that basket of goodies on my night table and let me sleep ( like I have been doing in the last 24 hours) ! Don t take me serious..I m just rambling due to fever.

                                                     Thank God I have someone to hold my hand !

Maybe my luck went of the window or maybe I have a course on me, but I can swear the past 2 days were pure hell. I could barely stand on my feet and went to school only for a couple of hours. I had no appetite and no strength for even a light workout. Going to the bathroom and back to bed feel like an supernatural effort. Today however, my body started to recover a little bit.

A few things work very well when I catch a cold and I want to share them.

1. Brush your teeth . It may not seem a lot, but trust me on this one. Millions of germs are hanging out in your throat and mouth so by cleaning your teeth they ll fall over their backs like a set of ninepins. Further more, I recently found that this easy peasy habit can cut heart disease risk. Who ever said that simple things make major changes was certainly right!

                                                       A fresh breath and a strog heart!

2. Stick to the yellow-green zone. Yogurt and cream cheese is all I have been eating these days. BUT greens and lemons are really my friends when I m feeling like a squash tomato. I had some peas and salad and I have been drinking lemonade as if we re running out of water.

3. Vinegar. Your pantry is a hidden drug store . The smell can cut my nose in half,but I m willing to suck it up and soak myself in vinegar if that will lose up my fever. Cosmin gave me a hard massage with vinegar and then fold me in blankets, to keep warm. I sat there like a mexican wrap for more than an hour and felt ten time better after. My husband loves me, but he I think he had no trouble rubbing my back, pulling and pushing my skin, giving me little back punches as he massage me!

      I sure know he loves me

The list is longer than that but I can t type anymore. Next time when you ll nave runny nose, a headache and you ll feel like a mushy porridge, please make sure to upgrade it!

What works best when you catch a cold? Do you prefer drugs or home made remedies will do the trick?

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