Friday, March 11, 2011

Her Post- Why Is Healty To Stare At Airplanes And Sip Cheap Wine?

Rise and shine, bloggy buddies!

There s no better way I receive the spring weather in my life than this: being healthy, strong and positive. For me, my mindset is my fuel. Our brain is the most complex machine ever invented and I sure get all tangled sometimes trying to figure out how it works. I m like: “ What does this button do?”.

We recently saw “ Sanctum”, and there s one scene, when a girl panics and dies cause she cannot handle it anymore. So yes, I exaggerated a bit, but my point is no matter how much a situation sucks, I keep telling myself “ It has to be something good in it” , so I spend every second trying to see the full part of the glass. It works every single time, trust me!

Last night, we saw a film from our newest obsession category : Animations. There was a time when monsters and freaks with seven heads were all we saw but after so much blood and creepiness, we wore ready to switch on cartoons. "Up" is the most original animation movie after “ Wall-E”.

If there are tickets left, I m in for a trip !

I not gonna reveal all the funny parts to you. The story was such a great example that anything can be done if one has courage. It s about love, about pursuing your dream and about adventure.

When we saw that balloon flying house, we vividly remembered the moment we went to a field nearby our town to watch how airplanes fly off to USA or God knows where else. We drank wine from plastic cups and pretend that we re in that flight. And we will be one day. I have no doubt at all.

Sipping in red cheap wine and staring behind the fence

I m off to do some workout and then I m going to meet with my half-boss. The day will be spend running some errands and then cooking with my hubby for the rest of the week. Sunday? Church, play time in the park, day dreaming and …love!

I hope you all have a great weekend and you all day dream once in a while! It s healthy!

you can see HERE how they build the house from "UP" in real life! Told you everything is possible!

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