Monday, March 7, 2011

Her Post- Bitten by the bug

When you believe that times can t go harder than that, another rock hits you right in middle of your…belly ( in my case). Maybe you think that my lack of writing was a short, relaxing and happy break. In fact, I spend more than 4 days laying in bed. When I wasn t sleeping, I was crouching on the toilet.

No more details, don t worry! I have for you just two words: Stomach bug! Even writing it feels painful. No appetite, major lack of energy, excruciating stomach pain, fever and another symptom that it s kind of disgusting to touch the subject. Let s just say I m as empty on the inside as a can of Diet Coke after being in the hands of an anorexic model.

                                                                   I really don t think " he' was that cute!

Once again, my husband was the one who lighted my path all along. He didn t hesitate to rushed in the middle of the night to the drug store and even went along to do groceries, went to church and made me something to eat. That ugly bug whipped me up, but today I m 90% recover and my hunger is back!

Enough with bitter memories. Between stomach bug episode and getting better I managed to read a bit from a new blog. It s called and I was fascinated when I discovered it.

Never once I thought that being an army wife it s that complicated. She s very good a being a mommy and a wife, jobs very hard on itselfs. But the status of army wife brings things on a hole new level. I would be in tears all the time, my house would be on fire and my kids would grow in trees if I had to live that live.

                                  A small flower to show appreciation for you and the millions of wifes like you.

I m really not that strong. All I hope for is that those man REALLY appreciate their wives cause, at this point, I have no clue what job it s more demanding and burdensome: being a soldier or being his wife?

What is your opinion? Could you be that women? Could you be that dedicated to your love?

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  1. I think it is both equally challenging. For us, we both have bad and good days, but together we make it through it and woulnd't have it any other way.