Thursday, March 24, 2011

Her Post- Life it’s all about balance, I blow it every day

Did you guys missed me? Or us? We were kind of busy. We actually didn’t move a feet from our bed. Nope, we didn’t had a “ honey moon reloaded episode”. Instead, I showed my love giving C. another piece of toilet paper to blow his nose.

While hubs couldn’t even smell the food during sickness, I had no problem eating well, but everything seemed tasteless.

I had a major surprise, when I putted my jeans and they were as loose as a pair of dad shoes can be when his five years old tries them.

As a former anorexic, I constantly fight to keep things balanced in my life, whether it’s about food, work or love. When things get excited in one segment, I tend to lose sight of my eating habits.

When on The Road, you have to focus on "The Big Picture", rather than just a few details

Just a week ago, we had a huge fight because my husband noticed a slightly weight loss. He was right. Being so close to graduation, having so much fun at my part-time job and writing this blog kept me busy and away from the fridge and my lack of energy proves that.

Cosmin reminded me the hell we both gone through when “ANA” took charge of my life and how vulnerable I still am, a year after my recovery. He also made sure I am aware of his fully support , he told he loves me when I shine and that happens only when I take good care of me.


Sometimes I have a hard time finding balance on a bike, and sometimes I suck at being there for…me. Neither monks, nor circus performers know what “balance” really means , so WHY should I know? Our life it’s a suspended, bumpy rope to walk on. The more we look down, the more we’ll slip off.

Heads up, practice makes it perfect!


  1. Balance is a constant struggle to find, I think. The important thing is knowing you are after it and doing all you can to keep as much of it as possible. :)

  2. So true.Because it's a constant struggle,some believe that there s no such thing as balance.

    I think balance it's like happiness: you can always recreate it and will last as long as you sustain it with positive actions.

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