Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Her Post- Celebrating Me and millions of women

Happy Women s day to me and to you, ladies that read my blog! Today is 8 March so in most parts of Europe , this day is dedicated to all women. I look forward to see what kind of flowers I ll receive today, but I ll enjoy it no matter what.

Today I plan to:

1. Tell myself 3 good things about me that are NOT physical.
2. Say something nice about other two women either it s about their hair colour or their sense of humor.
3. Take a moment to cherish this day and to be aware that, in this very moment, I Breath the same time with other amazing creatures, just like me. I belong to a community, a very unique one. I m  a Women!

 Words are useless when comes to what God s has made! All I know is that it s a crime to hate our bodies, to distrusts our instincts or to disbelieve our purpose in life. Because when we do that, we hate/distrusts/disbelieve God. We show Him that his art is just a piece of chopped wood that comes alive.

I, more that others, made myself suffer. I let others made me suffer. I let them, meaning they hurt me because I allowed them to. It s not about beauty or about kindness. It s about LOVE and FAITH. The two single things that should matter.

I love life, I have faith that God it s right beside me and I love what He does with me every day.

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